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Last night I shared several domain names I was surprised to find available for the taking, which generated a pretty significant buzz among my readers. This post convinced me to share another list I have been working on – available Wichita domain names.

Those of you who are familiar with what I do for a living know my life and job revolve around marketing small businesses online. With my current full-time employer I have been working to make the company an internet industrial powerhouse.

While I am not able to disclose what company it is, I can say I have successfully doubled their website revenue over the last 6 months, largely due to search engine optimization and registering keyword-rich domain names for their industrial product pages.

The names listed below are prime examples of keyword-rich domain names for Wichita businesses that could easily be used to generate sales leads through the internet for additional revenue. However I must advise that registering one of these domain names alone is not enough to increase traffic or revenue.

Instead, it is important to use the domain name correctly. More information on doing this will be shared at the end of each post. Because I came up with a HUGE list of available Wichita domain names I will be sharing them, and internet marketing tips, over the course of the next three months.


I provide these lists as a free service for Wichita business owners and ask that you do not register a domain unless it’s related to your company and you plan to use it. Do not purchase these domains to resell because you are stealing from Wichita and the businesses that would benefit from them.

If investing was my intention for these domains I would have purchased them myself and will not share Wichita domain names in the future.

All the domains listed below were available at the time of this message and can be registered through GoDaddy for $6.95/year using OYH3 as a promo code. Some of them look attractive to me as well so I might grab some too.

Domains 1 – 25 of 300:

Wichita Domain Names

If you register any of the domains or find they are no longer available, please email me or comment so I would be compelled to share more. Again I ask you do not register any unless you plan to use the domain yourself. I also ask that you only register what you need.

These domains are keyword-rich because they consist of words one would actually type in search engines to find the subject they are looking for.

As a basic example of this:

A Wichita company named Wally’s Widgets who makes boot scraping widgets would probably already have wallyswidgets.com as their website. This is a brandable domain name, but not a good keyword-friendly name.

If the company were to register wichitawidgets.com or bootscrapers.com (not all are needed every time) and used that instead they could receive additional traffic from people who do not know the company name but search for “wichita widgets” or “boot scrapers”.

In the case of the above domains, a company in Wichita that offers a product or service listed, but is not well known, would benefit from using Wichita + keyword as their domain. Again though, registering the domain is not enough because people do not blindly type addresses.

I will share more on what needs to be done next time and will offer consultation on brandable and keyword-friendly domain names via e-mail until then.

Please consider donating if this post helped you.

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The list shared above is not to be duplicated or reproduced in whole or part without my prior consent.

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