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One Year as Homeowners

By • Oct 19th, 2008 • Category: Home

Laura and I moved into our house exactly one year ago today. We celebrated tonight by taking pictures and fixing a nice dinner. Here are pictures of our house right now and how a few rooms looked before we started working on them.

Eight thoughts from my first week as a homeowner

By • Oct 28th, 2007 • Category: Daily Life

It has been a week now since Laura and I moved in to our first home. I suppose I can call it that now, but the excitement of moving paired with the new job makes everything seem a bit surreal. Laura and I both like the house, and especially enjoy having a place to call […]

The Smiths of Wichita

By • Sep 28th, 2007 • Category: Daily Life

We are now officially The Smiths of Wichita. Or at least we will be when the next phone book comes around. If you missed the tail end of our last great announcement, we just purchased our first home and will be moving October 20th and 21st.