Financial Goals for 2007

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An important part of planning is first deciding what it is that you want to accomplish.

Each time I sit down with someone to talk business, finances, or about some other matter important to them, the first thing we usually do is decide what it is they desire. Then formulate a plan.

Since I have been talking finances, I figure I might as well share my goals for the year.

For 2007, Laura and I decided that if nothing else, we want to be able to buy a house when our lease expires at the end of December. We would like a house that has at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a basement, and a two car garage. I would also prefer it be in a fairly nice area of town (e.g. not the ghetto).

To accomplish this, I would need to be able to get approved for a home loan. I am pretty picky when it comes to interest rates and the type of loan so the basis for the loan would be what we could afford with my income. I currently make only enough to be able to afford a $60,000 loan, so my next goal (or sub-goal, I suppose) is to increase my earnings or find a new job that pays better.

So far finding a higher paying job has been quite a chore because most jobs in Wichita either require a vast amount of experience or pay strictly commission. I would like to at least know I would have some income rather than potentially have none. Perhaps I will find something soon though.

So in summary, my goals for this year are:

    • Make more money so we can afford a decent house,
    • Buy that house, and
    • Blog every day.

      I am already working on next year’s goals too, which so far include:

        • Make the house to our liking,
        • Begin my own business,
        • Finish school, and
        • Start a family.

          I don’t think it would be too hard to accomplish these things once the pieces start falling into place.

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