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One of the simplest things you can do to give your business a professional image is to get a professional domain name, and when I say professional I mean something appropriate, related to your company name, and preferably a .com, .net or .org.

Even though they are cheap and appear fancy, I highly recommend not using .us, .biz, and .info domains because they are hard to remember and typically used by spammers. I also suggest finding something easy to remember that does not include hyphens (-), numbers, or abbreviations that customers may easily forget. Also, try something short enough for customers to type.

Unless there is a good reason to do otherwise, a rule of thumb I follow is that the name must be less than 12 characters (not including the .com, .net, or .org) and I only register the .com if it’s available, then .net if it isn’t or the .org as a last option. Or, if there are equally acceptable choices, I would prefer choose the second one I like best that has a .com.

Under no circumstance however will I register more than one suffix of a domain (such as a .com and .net) unless I plan to use them for separate pages. Doing so is a waste of money – even if it is a tax write-off – and could hurt your search engine listings if they point to the same page.

Between my wife and I, we currently have about 20 domains with names shorter than 12 letters, each of which are used for different companies or sites. At the present time they also rank among the top 10 in search engines even though their page ranks are low from the age of the sites.

A professional domain name is important even if it is only used to have e-mail. If you do make a website, all you need in the beginning is your contact information because this is enough for sites to allow you to list your business in their local listings.

Once you have a professional domain name your options from there are endless. I will share benefits of and how to list your company in local search engines (it’s free!) later and what your site needs when it goes live.

If you haven’t heard or missed us over the last few weeks, you can read about why we were away on my personal blog. It has to do with baby showers and an unexpected arrival.

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