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The plumbers were finally able to come Friday so we are once again able to do laundry and use our kitchen sink. We were able to use the sink and dishwasher up until Thursday night when running the sink started to make the washer drain flood as well.

The total damage was $85 and a week of not being able to wash our towels. We did end up pulling out the floor tile in our laundry room (which is something we were eventually going to do anyway) and now have a 1m x .5m hole in our paneling.

I wasn’t very fond of the paneling either so I won’t be too upset about tearing out the rest of it.


Old Wall


New Wall

The three sections in the picture above each had about 2 inches of moldy insulation in the bottom. The washer drain pipe in the center section meets the pipe from the kitchen sink and dishwasher on the right. The cleanout valve (bottom right) had to be forced open to remove grease and other junk and I guess needs to be cut out and replaced now too.

On a positive note, the rest of our basement wasn’t affected by the flooding in the laundry room. Laura is almost done painting our basement family room as well.

New Paint

This is the large wall by the bar. The rest of the room is light beige.

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