Evil Work Project

By • Jun 5th, 2008 • Category: Work

Recently at work I’ve been working on a top secret “evil project” that I’m about to unveil upon everyone over the next few days. I call it evil because it collects data from just about everywhere it is available within the organization and spits it out to all the sales, marketing, engineering, and management people whenever they access our website.

Basically it can be compared to a Facebook newsfeed, but on all the company’s real time sales, estimating, and quoting activities and exact website visitors. No one knows I’ve been working on it because it combines our four large information systems that our existing IT guys and managers say are incompatible and unable to communicate with each other.

I’m sure the project will be welcomed, as it will go live at the same time everyone receives an updated report saying web site orders are up 200% since I started. I rock.

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