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By • Jul 14th, 2008 • Category: Projects

Laura and I have a few projects that we’ve been working on and I thought I would share them since it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post over here. We have both been busy posting on our other sites and have a few things we’ve been doing around the house as well.

For starters, she’s still painting the basement (it’s hard to do with a 3 month old!) and we have done a lot of yard work the past few weekends as well. I’m still making beer and have a couple other beer related sites and companies I am slowly working on.

At work I am rewriting the entire company website to make it more secure and easier to navigate and have been given a lot of leeway to experiment with stuff because only midway through the year I’ve already increased our internet revenue 100%. I am also working on an auto-mailer application for our sales engineers to automate the tedious task of finding out which sales leads are quality leads.

Another thing I’m working on there is developing a system that would automatically check our contact databases for invalid addresses, which would save us money and save us from having to license similar software from Pitney Bowes.

Here at home I am still working on finishing up my Good Karaoke Project, but have slowed down some because I keep changing the framework the site is written in. It’s been ready for a few months to allow DJs to list their songs on their websites using a fancy AJAXy widget, but I haven’t bothered to contact any yet.

I’m also working on a top secret dating site that only me and Laura know about, and have had an idea for a business-type network that I should start on soon once one of the other sites are done.

I rolled out an update to my GrandCentral addon the other day, but haven’t updated that post yet, and I contacted T-Mobile to see if they had a webcall feature similar to the one Vonage has because I wanted to make a click-to-call addon for that as well. Makes sense since I would only have to change a few lines of code.

The last majors projects I am working on includes one that is still in the planning phase at work. One challenge we are facing at my regular job is that no one knows anything about our competitors, so I’m developing a database fed by my own search engine that crawls industry sites for competitive news and information on our enemies.

My boss was wanting to hire a clipping service to do a similar thing but in print media, which turns out costs an insane amount, so I’m working on my own social driven system to do the same thing. Currently it costs upwards of $8,000 per year for monitoring 14 free magazines for mentions of a competitor. I might as well offer the same thing for next to nothing.

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