Available domain names I can’t believe are still available (and new business ideas!) Pt. 1

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I have become a bit of a domain name investor recently and started providing free appraisals on a couple domain name forums. After seeing several decent domain names and many horrible ones, I set out to find names I see as valuable that are not yet registered.

I don’t have the time or resources to register and develop these names, so instead I plan to find them and share the best of my findings once a month.

This month’s list of available domain names contain several high-quality names that, undeveloped, are valued around $2500 total for the names alone. Several are serious, keyword-rich names while others were thrown in because they are good, but mostly funny.

This time I also included ideas of what to do with a few of the names, but this is probably not something I will do in the future. If you decide to register any of the names or find they are no longer available, drop me a line so I will know my efforts helped someone.

Without further hesitation, here is part 1 of my list. Names 1 – 43 of 110.

Domain names I am surprised are not registered (and possible business ideas!):

Bear Removal

bearremoval.com – Never registered, worth $50!
Bear removing has to be an important business somewhere, because there are 12,500,000 results for bear removal on Google. I just heard someone talking the other day about how they were at their summer home and had a bear on their front porch they needed someone to get rid of. Someone who removes bears should buy this!

Similar available names (pest related):
grubremoval.com – worth $150! – everyone hates grubs!
rabbitremoval.com – 8,450,000 results – rabbits plague my neighborhood, if someone had this domain I would know who to call!
spouseremoval.com – I think you know what I’m getting at.

Purchase Inventory

purchaseinventory.com – worth $370! 36,200,000 Google Results!

Similarly available:
orderinventory.com – worth $340!
inventorygoods.com – worth $130
procuregoods.com – worth $200
inventoryprocurement.com – worth $140!

Beginning Students

beginningstudent.com – worth $320 – the best resource for people beginning school!

Similar names:
tutoringbuddy.com – Find local tutors to study with.
studyingbuddies.com – Locate a study buddy!
tutorpeer.com – worth $80
tutorpeers.com – worth $30

Weekly Blogging

weeklyblogging.com – worth $120 – My site should be called this or the next one.
monthlyblogger.com – worth $50
starterblogs.com – Great site for someone offering blog hosting! I might grab this one myself if no one else does!

Similar names:
bloggingstudent.com – worth $60
bloggingstudents.com – worth $90
coedblogs.com – worth $100

Frog Races

frograces.com – take control of the 2M+ search results of frog racing and frog races with this domain! In some places frog racing is an actual event that Mark Twain himself once wrote about.

Similar names:
hamsterraces.com – Tell the world where they can race their hamster!
racinghamsters.com – Only the world’s finest racing hamsters!
cattleracing.com – Apparently this is a real event and a mini-game on Nintendo Wii!
racingbabies.com – Everyone’s heard of baby races! Sell your trained racing babies using this domain! Win baby races with a baby specifically bred for baby racing!

The amounts listed next to the domains are the estimated value of the domain name. They can each be registered for $6.95 using GoDaddy or your favorite domain registrar, and of course can always be worth more if they are developed or resold to an end user.

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