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By • Aug 2nd, 2008 • Category: Projects

Wall-o-SpamI did some research this evening and learned what I would have to do to begin offering my own 24-hour e-mail service again. So, in about a month, I will begin offering disposable or temporary e-mail addresses that end with @nospam.me.

A disposable e-mail address is an e-mail account where you can receive mail for a predefined period of time, which enables you to sign up for services without having to worry about people selling or spamming your real e-mail address.

The idea of temporary e-mail isn’t anything new, however the way I will be approaching it is. Plus the name nospam.me gets the point across and looks cool.

Laura and I hosted our own web and e-mail servers before, but it got expensive keeping our computer on 24/7 just to have our own e-mail. Our internet company also began blocking it. We switched to “shared hosting” about a year ago which reduced our electric bill significantly, but now we will be moving up to a dedicated server so we can serve up more of our brilliant ideas.

I will reveal another one of my ideas – which is now completely developed – on Monday.

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