Wealthy, but not rich

By • Aug 1st, 2008 • Category: Daily Life

I’m shocked I haven’t posted in almost 3 weeks, yet I have been on several times a day replying to comments and updating the post on my Firefox addon.

If you haven’t seen it yet, a little over a month ago I decided it was too much trouble to pick up my phone and dial, so I made a Firefox addon to call whatever number I clicked. Laura said I was being lazy, but by the looks of it, tons of other people are lazy too because as of today over 5000 people have downloaded my click to call addon.

Last weekend the addon was featured on one of the most popular technology and productivity websites, and at my last count, more than 50 other sites have been talking about my addon. The feature led to more than 2000 downloads in the first 24 hours after it was posted, and since then, the number of new visitors to the addon has been around several hundred per day.

Other than work, the baby, and supporting the addon, there hasn’t been a whole lot happening with Laura and me. The baby rolled over for the first time a while back, which was awesome, and we posted several new pictures on our baby sites. About a week ago I had our domain names appraised and found out mine alone are worth over $110,000 so I plan to spend more time developing them into useful services to turn around and sell.

I did come up with a few new projects this week that I hope to begin on soon, however I promised the wife I will finish at least one before starting on the others. If I have time, I will share more of my ideas tomorrow, and hopefully will be announcing two or three new services on Monday. At work I have been doing a lot more graphic design and web security stuff writing a few things on those too.

The great news was on the domain names, however they won’t make us rich or anything unless we find someone willing to pay for them. One of the services I will be sharing Monday will hopefully make us some extra income.

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