Available Wichita Domains (76 – 100)

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Over the past month I have been sharing my list of available domain names for Wichita. This is the 4th installment of the list, which covers available domains perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Wichita.

This list covers domain names 76 – 100 of 300. If you find this list helpful, also be sure to check available Wichita domains 1-25, 26-50, and 51-75.

Each of these domains were available at the time of writing this list and can be purchased for $6.95 / year from GoDaddy using the promo code OYH3.

As always, I urge you to only register these domains if you or someone you know will use them, because regional domains such as these have essentially no resell value. Buying them in hopes of becoming rich is pointless.

I also ask that you do not repost these lists without my consent.

More Wichita Domains

SEO Tip:

Each of my lists also includes a free SEO tip. I promised this one would be less technical, and it is.

As you know, the goal of search engine optimization is to give your site the best ranking possible in search engines in hopes of bringing in more traffic and therefore more revenue.

One of the most important things that goes into search engine rankings, and sometimes the only thing running through the mind of a potential visitor, is the title of the page they are about to click.

The title of your page is what search engines use as the link potential visitors see when searching. If your title is not descriptive or irrelevant you will have a hard time ranking in search engines, and if it’s misleading or poorly worded potential visitors may be weary of clicking.

A good rule of thumb is to use the title of your page (or blog post) to describe your content, using keywords you feel visitors will understand and potentially use when searching for your content. There is no set formula one should use when coming up with a good page name, my point is to simply consider it when writing your content.

If your pages currently have titles such as “HOME”, “PRODUCTS”, “CONTACT”, “LINKS”, and “ABOUT”, try changing them to something more descriptive and see how it effects your search traffic.

Another thing to consider when titling your pages is where you place your site or company name. A lot of small businesses tend to place their company name or website address first, before the page title. This is good if you care more about ranking for your company name than the content of each page, but usually this is not the case.

A well known company will have no problem ranking for their own name.

Instead of titling your page, for example: That Smith – Available Domain Names, change it around so potential visitors see what the page is about first. Optimized example: Available Wichita Domains at That Smith. This will also help your rankings in cases where the full title of the page is not displayed.

Carefully choosing your page titles along with the placement of keywords and your site name can go a long way when optimizing your website, but there are plenty of other things to consider.

For further information on optimizing your small business website, wait until the next installment of my list or contact me and ask about my SEO qualifications.

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