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As some of you know, one of my big upcoming services required me to develop my own open source analytics system before I could continue work on it.

While there are several good commercial and open source analytics alternatives out there, none of them provided the customization of data I needed, specifically the ability to track one particular aspect of browsing behavior in real-time.

I am still working on historical reporting and a JavaScript version of my open analytics system, which will track information such as where visitors came from and what they searched for. However I am now at the point where I can offer a free, basic service that mimic’s

The only difference with mine is it is open source, so you can host it on your own server if you’re like me and want to be careful choosing who has access to your data. I will release the source early next week after I make changes to secure the data that is currently on my site. (Meaning once I release it you will know where everything was stored on mine.)

For now, you can grab your own tracking code by visiting the link below, and let me host your real-time data. Also below is an example of the real-time data for my site. You can see it in action by visiting a page on here and then going to the demo. It only considers you active for 60 seconds, so be sure to hurry.

Designers be warned, I spent the last two days coding it and decided it was more important to get done than make it look pretty. I will be adding colors, charts, and other elements over the next few days, but since it is an open source project, you are all welcome to join in and code or donate a design or logo.

Who’s Online – Open Analytics

Get your own real-time analytics from Open Analytics

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  1. Free Service or Open Source? I can’t find the source, but the service looks pretty good. I like the FF/ LInux icons.


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