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Tonight I am putting the final touches on my reverse auction site, but before I announce it I figured I would share what the site does and why I made it.

Reverse auctions are simply the opposite of regular auctions, where instead of the high bidder being the winner, the auction goes to the lowest bidder. They are typically used for business-to-business transactions or procurement. Similar sourcing events can be done by people who need bids for construction or need other services completed.

Where my site comes in is for the latter of these. My reverse auction site is simply a forum divided into specific categories, regions, and so on, where people who desire to find the best rate for a service or a job can do so.

There are other similar sites out there, but none allow just anyone to post their own sourcing event. All of those I researched were for specific regions and not one would let me browse auctions without becoming a paid member. Sites like these are never good because you don’t know what you are about to pay for, and what’s worse is those who bid also have to be paid members.

My site is completely free, and even ad free for now. I made mine site because several members of my family are in need of such a service because they can’t afford to drive across town to similar live auctions. Look forward to my upcoming announcement on it and the perfect name I chose for it.

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  1. Is the site live? My first experience with reverse aucions was It’s out of Seychelles, so I figured they might be illegal stateside.


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