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A while back I tossed together an image sharing service I hoped to turn around and sell for a good profit, but as it turned out, this recession thing is effecting than just banks and manufacturers. That and I discovered the market is saturated with crappy competing services that are going for pennies.

Instead, I decided to do what any good entrepreneur would do and offer my script for free.

I’m pleased to say my image sharing script is different from others in a number of ways. It has a very small footprint, is written entirely in PHP, uses SQLite to store your data, includes statistics on each image shared, does not require registration, and checks to see if each image uploaded has already been shared.

Some of you have probably already seen the site in action, since I have been posting and sharing pictures on it for a couple months now. I had a request to offer the script for sale, but decided to give it away instead.


  • PHP5+ w/ GD2, PDO & PDO-SQLite enabled
  • Apache w/ mod_rewrite enabled


  • It’s FREE
  • Image sharing using PHP and SQLite
  • Session nonces to deter spam and hotlinking
  • Secured against XSS and SQL Injection
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • One click uploading
  • Duplicate image detection
  • Viewer statistics





See my post on Post Topic for more information. The script is released under the GPL.

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