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Update: I found a better browser so I am no longer supporting this add-on. 

I recommend the official Google Voice extension instead.

Google Voice is a popular telecommunications service from Google that gives you one number for all your phones.

This Firefox addon makes it so you can click-to-call numbers on any website using your Google Voice number and send text messages without leaving your browser.

There is no Google Voice API for development, but everything including SMS and recorded voice messages can be received via JSON and XML requests.


Latest Version: v0.9.5

Changes in v0.9.5:

  • Fixes Authentication Issue
  • Support for 3.7a5pre

Changes in v0.9.1:

  • Fixes Gizmo5 support

Changes in v0.9.0:

  • Adds Gizmo5 support
  • Automatically logs out and in when username or password is changed
  • No longer requires a refresh when call out number is changed
  • Fixes “Loading Calls” bug on new installs

Features of Google Voice for Firefox:

  • Click to Call
  • Dial from Task Bar
  • SMS from Task Bar
  • Select text and double click taskbar to send as SMS
  • Select number and double click taskbar to dial
  • Auto Login/shortcut to Google Voice
  • Display most recent recent call/sms when hovered


Features planned for future versions: See note above

  • New message notifications
  • New call notifications
  • New SMS notifications
  • Option to hide number on status bar removing number in v1.0
  • Send SMS from status bar added in v0.2.0b1
  • Listen to most recently voice mail from the status bar
  • Switch from XMLHttpRequest to Sandboxed HTTP connections no longer necessary in v0.6.0
  • Addon update notifications


  • Uninstall GrandCentral Click to Call
  • Install this addon
  • Restart Firefox
  • Open Settings…
  • Enter your Google Account e-mail address & password
  • Enter the number you want to ring for outgoing calls (not your GV number)
  • Press OK

Known Issues

SetTimeout bug still needs to be fixed. Hit refresh or enable/disable the addon from the context menu if it get’s stuck on Loading Calls.

Common Problems

Unable to place call to XXX-XXX-XXXX

Problem: You entered your Google Voice number as the forwarding number, or
Problem: You entered a number that is not on you Google Voice account as the forwarding number

Solution: Enter one of the numbers set up on your Google Voice account

The addon does not detect numbers on “…..”

Problem: The page you are viewing contains frames, or
Problem: The number you are trying to click is loaded via AJAX after the add-on scans for numbers

Solution: If the content was loaded dynamically you can detect new numbers by double clicking the GV icon in the status bar. If the page contains frames (such as Google Contacts) there is nothing you can do at this time.

The addon does not work in Flock

Problem: You are using Flock

Solution: This is the Google Voice Add-on for Firefox. Download Firefox or try the official Google Voice extension for Chrome.

I do not see the addon in the toolbar

Problem: You are looking in the wrong place

Solution: Make sure your status bar is not hidden because that’s where the Google Voice Add-on for Firefox is located.


As of this time you will not automatically receive notifications of updates to the addon, so check this page regularly or follow me on twitter to be notified of new versions.


This addon has been tested on and is fully functional with Firefox 3.x.x and 3.7a5pre. It has been tested using Windows XP, Vista, 7, Ubuntu, and OS X. Please notify me of any other compatible versions or platforms in the comments. The addon will install in Flock and older versions of Firefox but is unsupported outside of Firefox 3.5.


This addon is distributed without warranty under the MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1 licenses. View the addon source or visit for additional information on the licenses.


Google Voice Add-on for Firefox v0.9.5


Since the comments are getting a bit lengthy, please post bug reports and support requests here.

If you are looking to update or develop your own application for Google Voice, here is a little information to get you started.

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  1. Sounds great, thanks for the update. I’m converted to Google Voice now too and once that was done you were the first person I thought of Chad :) Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome!!! I love the original extension. Can’t wait for the updated version.

  3. Just wanted to say…you absolutely ROCK. I look forward to the G-Voice add-on :)

  4. I can’t wait!! I love this addon.

  5. Love the new Google Voice application. Took only a few minutes to configure and update my contact groups. I look forward to your excellent GV extension for FF. Dialing from the task bar using a phone number or even contact name would be an excellent time saver. I would love to see popups for calls and the “GC” icon highlighted or changed when there is a voicemail message.

  6. Like many others, I’m an excited GC user that just got upgraded to voice. Thanks for the great work and updates.

  7. Great add on!

  8. v0.0.1pre works great with GV. The only minor problem I found so far is that the “Hang Up” function does not end the call immediately. Sometimes I have to click “Hang Up” more than a dozen of times to end the call. However, it could be due to the slow response from the server side.

    The upgraded account has stopped working with the old GC extension and other GC dialers I’ve tried so far.

  9. Awesome!
    can’t wait to try it! Thanks for making GC and GV more feature rich!

  10. Thanks for a great addon. i use it frequently and appreciate the work you have put into this. Is there any way to add a hotkey button that would copy and dial the selected phone number from other programs? EX. I select a number in my outlook contacts. press F7 on my keyboard and my phone rings, calling the selected number from my google voice number.

  11. Thanks for being on top of this. I have used your extension with GrandCentral and took the plunge to Google Voice. The pre-release works. Google should pay you and get this in their labs.

  12. Thanks for the great work. To be honest I think the biggest feature you are missing in these add ons are the ability to check for updates to the add on. Is this a choice of yours or do you simply not know how to do it? I am not a coder at all but I would assume that FF has an easy copy/paste code you put in in order to check for updates. Just curious. Thanks again I use the add on and love seeing the progress!

  13. ” Download the pre-release version: v0.0.1pre ”

    The link does not work…

  14. @elphanet
    The link works just fine. You probably have the yellow bar across the top saying Firefox prevented the site from installing the addon. If you see that, make sure you hit the allow button.

  15. Thanks for your efforts! Works perfectly and has the core functionality that makes it useful. Doesn’t feel “pre-release” to me.

    Second the comment about Google owing you a pat on the back (or more).

  16. @Chad…Thanks…that was it!

  17. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself on this..I’m not yet upgraded to GV…but thought I would be ahead of the game by ‘pre-installing’ your add-on…

  18. @elphanet
    Google Voice is a requirement for this addon. If you do not already have an account use the GrandCentral addon instead.

  19. Think you might be able to add an sms counter in the bar?


  20. I log in fine to the Google Voice web page, but your add-on says incorrect login or password. I have lots of numbers and some special characters in my password. Should that be a problem?

  21. What do you use for the forwarding number if you want it to ring your gizmo account? When sunrocket went belly up we converted the sunrocket gizmo to be used with the gizmo project. So we have been that and GC/GV as our home phone ever since.

  22. Chad, would it be possible to add the ability to click a phone number from the sidebar? That’s really the only feature I need at this point.



  23. I allow my cookie to persist between browser sessions, but the add-on is trying to log in and regenerate the cookie every time I fire up Firefox. Could the extension perhaps detect if the cookie exists before doing a login cycle?

    Thanks a bunch Chad — this is fantastic so far!

  24. *sigh* I’d be more than happy to move bug reports, etc to PostTopic…but it’s not letting me login/register, and frankly after 5 attempts (and my OpenID verified, etc)….I’m done trying.

    I wanted to let you know that the Google Voice settings keep getting “lost.” As in, I put them in, everything goes fine, and then sometimes on a browser restart, and sometimes NOT…the settings simply disappear.

  25. Great plugin. Thanks!

  26. Very nice add-on, but it does not work if the Ubiquity add-on is also installed.

  27. @Kevin…May I ask how you were able to discover that? What (if anything) appeared different when you tried to install GV Add-on for Firefox (with Ubiquity already installed)?

  28. I must apologize for this conclusion. But here’s how I arrived at it. For days after installing GV add-on I could not get it to work — the “tooltip” button would not appear when I hovered over a phone number on a number of web pages I tried. So, I started disabling other add-ons, trying again after each restart. When I disabled Ubiquity, the GV phone number button started appearing. But prompted by you, I re-enabled Ubiquity, restarted FF and GV button still appears! So, beats me why GV add-on did not work for days after I installed it after removing Chad’s GC add-on.

  29. @Kyle
    I am struggling with how I want the SMS portion to appear in the status bar. Currently it looks pretty ugly, but I hope to have that available soon. The next version that is not a bug fix will have some kind of click-to-sms functionality.

    Special characters should not be a problem with the addon because it uses encodeURIComponent to escape your username and password. You might see if an error shows up in googlevoice_response.html in your profile folder.

    You are not able to use your Gizmo account as a forwarding number unless you have purchased a Gizmo call in number. It works for ringing on Google Voice because they convert it to VOIP on their end.

    I don’t believe so since Firefox’s sidebar is not part of the document DOM element. However, there are other elements of the addon that are binded to the browser, so I’ll see if I can work up a function for you to use in your sidebar page.

    @Todd Vierling
    I’ll look into that. Chances are it’s possible, but would make everyone else go through an extra step if they were not logged in. Currently the addon logs you in and then loads Google Voice. If it were to check first and you were not logged in, it would load Google Voice, see that you were not logged in, log in, and then load Google Voice again.

    @Mara Alexander
    Sorry, I’ll have to look at the OpenID plugin I have on Post Topic. You can still sign up with your e-mail address. Your issue sounds like a problem with your Firefox profile and not the addon. Chances are it’s corrupt and needs to be recreated.

    I’m glad to hear it works with Ubiquity. I haven’t tested it Ubiquity myself, but hear Google Voice functionality is being added to it.

  30. @Kevin
    Thanks for that description.

    In order to see if any of my other add-ons were interfering, I have disabled all of them (except for ‘Session Manager’), but the GV Add-on for Firefox is still not working.

    When I hover over the GV icon in the status bar(with message “incorrect login or password, it displays “TypeError: oldTooltip has no properties”. Any further clue as to the cause of my problem?

  31. @elphanet
    It still sounds like an issue with your Firefox profile/install rather than the addon. If you are still using Firefox 2, upgrade to Firefox 3 and let me know if you run into the same problem.

  32. @Chad… As reported here and at Post Topic:

    “…The absence of the ‘OK’button on the Google Voice Options screen seems to be the only thing standing in the way of the add-on working on both of our Macs:

    OS X 10.4.11/Firefox 3.0.7

    OS X 10.3.9/Firefox…”

    In other words: Same problem still exists with Firefox 3.

  33. I can’t get it to work? I can dial-out with google voice directly, but not through the add-on?

  34. Chad, re logging in:

    I meant something more along the lines of “try JSON/XML call without logging in; if it fails assume not logged in, so log in explicitly and try again”. This would ideally be transparent to the user: if the login cookie is already there, the first call will succeed; if not, it will fail or return a HTTP redirect (not sure which). I’m not versed enough in Google’s APIs to know their behavior for GVoice.

    This is a problem with several Google integration extensions; Google Reader Notifier has the same issue. GMarks, on the other hand, has logic similar to the above description, in that a saved cookie will work as-is without explicitly triggering a login.

  35. Beta Release: v0.2.0b1 is now working fine on both:

    Mac OS X 10.3.9/Firefox and

    Mac OS X 10.4.11/Firefox 3.0.8

    Many thanks to you Chad…

  36. So, the plugin mistakenly displays the last person I texted as the last call in the popup…

  37. Chad,
    No “Call” tooltip for numbers in this format. Is there a workaround?

    Phone (916) 650 – 6730

    Fax (916) 319 – 9333

  38. I know this probably flies in the face of “progress” but is there an Outlook add-on for Google Voice anywhere out there?

  39. Chad,

    Thanks for GV addon.
    Installs o’k from mozilla.

    No problems with GV,, but
    I cannot dial either maually by rc’ing the icon in lower
    right corner or by clicking a number on a web page.
    I get the same text boxes and after o’king or pushing enter,
    nothing happens.

    Any suggestions?
    Are there any extensions that might interefere with your addon?

  40. Chad,
    How about a context menu item for your add-on? If the phone number is not in your expected format, the “Call” tooltip or popup (what is that called?) does not appear. So, you either need more comprehensive logic to determine a phone number “on mouse over” or context menu item that allows calling of selected text.

  41. I’m having the same issue as Dbob. Any issues with corporate firewalls?

  42. you should see about adding sound to the notifications in the future release…just like the gmail notifier for firefox…that would be cool…but i like this addon..and i can get it to work just fine…=)

  43. I would love to see you add in the functionality of handling multiple google voice accounts. I was envisioning something similar in functionality as the gmail notifier plugin for firefox.

    If you are not familiar it is located here with screen shots.

    when you highlight over the status bar area where the plugin sits it shows a breakdown of all gmail accounts with total unread mails. it allows for adding multiple accounts and you can set preferences to auto connect to each account independently or you can access them (log) as needed. you can set one to be visible on the bar and if you click it it will open that gmail account in a new tab and log you in automatically. or you can just hover over it and it will show you the last X amount of mails in your inbox.

    I am a heavy Google voice user and I love what you have done so far.

    I hope you stick with this project.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  44. Thanks! Really Thanks!!


  45. Great extension. Easy to install and works exactly as described.

    I’ve experienced an issue since installing the extension (v 0.1.1): while the extension is enabled, my Gmail tab occasionally reloads (i.e. the tab is fully reloaded – like an F5) without any action by me. Over the last few days, in an effort to determine if it might be related to the extension, I’ve disabled the extension for a few hours at a time. When it’s disabled, the Gmail reload does not occur.

    Any one else see anything like this?

  46. Chad:

    v0.2.0b1 has been working great with FF 3.0.8. C2C, dial and text used frequently and successfully.

  47. Ditto what Josh #44 says; plus there seems to be some issue with Gears; it sends Gmail offline every hour or so. Also, when launching the browser it doesn’t remember the password, so you have to enter it every time, and displays an alert about Gears not being ready, or something. Issue doesn’t reproduce when disabling the add-on.

    Other than that, it’s great, as it was for GrandCentral.

  48. v0.2.0b1 is now stuck at “Loading Calls…”

    When I hover, it says “http request to timed out”

    Not sure if it’s relevant, but GV site has been slow for me since yesterday

  49. Chad, any new updates on this? I’m specifically looking on how to get it working in the sidebar. I know you were working on that and wanted to see if you had any status.

    Also, which site are you monitoring? There are like 3 now… :-)


  50. @Josh & everyone else
    Sorry, I have been swamped at the new job, so no new updates yet. I am hoping to have time to respond to everyone’s comments by the end of the week. I do regularly monitor my sites including this one and Post Topic. If you have any urgent issues you are also welcome to e-mail me regarding support.

    @Kevin Pierce
    I use both this addon and the T-Mobile minutes used one, and they both sometimes timeout when Firefox takes too long to load. If it takes too long to load the calls you can right click and hit “Refresh…” to load it again.

    @Josh, @Jose M Guardia
    I am aware that it will log you out of another Google account and into your Google Voice one, but I have not experienced anything where the page reloads. I do not use Gears. My guess is it reloads Gmail because it is logging you into a different Google account. Is that the case? Because if so, that would make sense.

    I usually have Gmail open using the same account that has Google Voice and have not had any issues. If the addon does not remember the password, then most likely another addon is replacing your Google login or Firefox is set to erase all private data when it closes.

    I am not sure why those numbers aren’t detected. I know others that are (nnn) nnn-nnnn usually work. I will see what is causing that. My guess is the dash is – or — rather than -. Sorry, no plans to make anything for Outlook. I am not that advanced of a programmer.

  51. This is #44 Josh. Thanks for the response, Chad.

    I log into Gmail and GV with the same Google account. I’m not running Google Gears. I have installed v0.2.0b1 and it *might* reload the Gmail tab less often. But I generally have too many tabs open so the Gmail tab isn’t visible at all times.

    Congratulations on the new job.

  52. Chad said:
    I use both this addon and the T-Mobile minutes used one, and they both sometimes timeout when Firefox takes too long to load. If it takes too long to load the calls you can right click and hit “Refresh…” to load it again.

    Bingo. The Google Voice site was slow to load for a couple of days (REALLY slow). As soon as the site went back to working right, so did your add-on.


  53. Agree with Kevin’s #37 and #40.
    Cool add-on, though!

  54. cool add on. Dont know how to thank you enough….may you be more smart…make more money…keep up the good work….thanks again

  55. I think I’m doing it wrong….

    I set my GM account & PW in the config window. I put my GV # in.

    I go to the bottom bar, right click, paste in a #,… and that’s it. I was expecting my phone to ring as GV calls back to place the call. But nope. Is there a step I’m missing?

  56. @Goerge
    You need to enter a number other than your Google Voice one for the forwarding number. This is the phone that will ring on your end when you place a call. It should work if you do that.

  57. Ah, that’s confusing to me.

    I would call it the “originating” number maybe.

    But “forwarding” implied something else; it’s the GV # doing the forwarding if you use the “call your GV and dial 2” approach….

  58. Thanks for the update Chad.. I’m looking forward to the next.. :-)

    Nothing urgent, just trying to get sidebar functionality working.


  59. Hi,
    I have a problem with this add-on and CookieSafe. I’ve chosen to block all cookies until they’re manually allowed. I added as an exception but I can’t log in, the status message is stuck in ‘Loading calls…’. Do you know a fix for this. Thanks by the way, the add-on is great.

  60. Hi,

    This is Josh #44 and 50 again. I have some more information about the Gmail tab refresh that might be helpful.

    I happen to be composing an email in Gmail when I saw the signs of an imminent tab refresh: I lose connection to Gmail Chat. I clicked ‘save’ to avoid the loss of my email and received an error message:

    “Your connection to Gmail has expired. Please log in again.”

    Chat will repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempt to reconnect until Gmail reloads. I’m not prompted to provide a un/pw upon refresh.

    I hope this helps.

  61. I loved the GrandCentral addon and I love this one as well. Thank you for doing this.

    I have a request, can you add an option to not auto-login. I have several gmail accounts, use adwords, etc. I find that whenever I want to use anything else “Goolge” i have to log out of the Voice account and then I can log in with something else. I go through this several time a day.

    It would be great if I could store the login information, turn off auto-login, and have a login option that would use the stored info for when I needed to use my Voice acct.

    Thanks again.

  62. If I accidentally click what it thinks is a phone number, and click cancel.. it initiates the call anyways.

  63. I see ( via post reading ) that some have been able to download v0.2.0b1 of this add-on but I only see a link for v0.1.1. Where is the update located?

  64. Chad said: “Sorry, no plans to make anything for Outlook. I am not that advanced of a programmer.”

    Well, I’m not sure what it takes to create a FF add-in, but you are definitely advanced enough to have written this great tool! Thanks for all your efforts.

  65. @Chad

    I know you have ALLOT on your plate right now, but you would be a life saver if you could make a addon or program that automated a backup process of Grandcentral.

    And this is something i would def. pay for.

  66. you said you were planning another release a couple weeks ago. Whats the status? (Im hoping it includes notifications of missed calls/new texts +voicemails)

  67. This does not seem to work on Firefox 3.5b4

    The extension loads and I see the “calll xxx” when I hover over a number but nothing happens when I click on the number.

  68. Brilliant!!! Thanks

  69. Chad:

    It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you.

    Any updates to give?

  70. Thanks for the great work on this! Works fantastic and I love it.

    Do you have any plans for a Google Chrome version of the GV add-on? I have Chrome to be faster and like its features more than Firefox. Thank you!

  71. Hi. Nice job with this plug-in. Very convenient. What I personally don’t like about Google Voice is that there is no email alert when receiving a text message, only when receiving a voice message. Since it supports text messaging in and out, it would be great if it sent an email alert when I new text msg arrives. If the cell phone is in the shop for repair, or died or whatever, I would have to keep logging in to see if a new text msg has arrived. Not very practical in that regard. But your plug-in works well and is a nice job! Thank you for making it available.

  72. This is Josh (#44, 50 & 58). Extension v0.2.0b3 appears to have resolved the Gmail tab refresh issue I mentioned in comment #44.

    Several weeks ago, I disabled the extension. I re-enabled it when I installed v0.2.0b3 a couple of days ago. I’ve had zero incidents of the Gmail tab refresh! Thanks!

  73. I will appooigize ia advance as I’m sure you’ve addressed this before… ciould you please develop a vocito like app, thanks Jon.

  74. Fantastic add-on! Thanks!

  75. It does not work for me for calls. When I try and place a call from it I get nothing happening. SMS worked though. It does log me in right as it knows my last call. b4 and Firefox 3.5.30729. Ideas?

  76. That,

    AWESOME add on. Little do you know that I have been wondering how I was going to show my mom a seamless way to use GV. Mom isnt too computer literate so you are not only being a cool add on guy but you are doing a service for another human being.

    Well done

    Best to you and your family.

  77. Dialing also not working for me. No error, just fails silently. SMS works, and plugin correctly fetches last call
    Forwarding number is set to my home phone (not gv).

  78. Are you going to add a way to put in a name of the person and it will auto complete for you? This would make this app perfect. I figure it could download the contacts list (every so often) and then it could look it up from the downloaded list. Thanks for creating this app. Once you put the auto complete in (or if I get around to it) I’ll definitely donate! If it never happens I’ll still donate, just not as much (sorry for being stingy).

  79. It seems as though the ‘Forwarding Number’ setting isn’t working. I’ve tried a variety of formats for it and the plugin doesn’t seem to want to ring me. Any thoughts?

    It slso doesn’t seem to catch numbers in the +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx format. Haven’t checked or yet, but those should be supported as well if they’re not already.

    Perhaps something like the following regex? I’m no regex master. 😛

    ^+?1?[.- ]?([0-9]{3}|([0-9]{3}))[.- ]?[0-9]{3}[.- ]?[0-9]{4}$

  80. How can we donate to this project ?

    What an excellent extension !

  81. Awesome, but I had a nagging problem where Firefox would no longer remember me on sites with the “remember me” option, like iGoogle. I finally disabled/enabled all my add-ons, and traced it down to this add-on. I just downloaded the 0.2.0 beta, and it seems to have solved the problem, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Anyone else had that?

  82. It’d be nifty if the last number popup included the region like some cellphones. For example.. If you missed a cal from (504) 555-1234 the popup would display something like “Louisiana, USA” or given data for the exchange and area code “New Orleans, LA”. I have no idea where you would get the most current data but it must be available. Thanks for the excellent plugin.

  83. Nope, the beta 4 still causes Firefox to forget all “remember me” ‘s. Unfortunately I had to disable the add-on.

  84. @Jay
    Google only lets you log in to one account at a time, so if you log in to one account using the remember me feature and another using the addon, the addon will log you out of the other account and in to the one associated with the addon. Unfortunately there is no way around this.

    I built in the disable feature (in the status bar) to temporarily disable the addon so I could access my work Adwords and Analytics accounts without having to disable the addon and restart Firefox every time. You might consider taking that approach.

  85. Where does one get the source for this add-on? It is mentioned on the page but I can’t find it.

  86. I used it for a few days with no problem but at some point over the weekend it stopped dialing out. I can dial-out with GV’s web site. Not sure what the deal is with the plugin. Was very handy when it worked :) REALLY looking forward to SMS pop-ups.

  87. Chad, this add-on is wonderful… But I was wondering if it would be possible for you to over-ride the dialog box title which reads “[JavaScript Application]” with something else when selecting “Dial…” or “Text” from the context menu. Beyond that I can only tell you to keep up the awesome job.

  88. entry 29 @bc
    “You are not able to use your Gizmo account as a forwarding number unless you have purchased a Gizmo call in number. It works for ringing on Google Voice because they convert it to VOIP on their end.”

    I got it to work in the new version.

    You can enter your Gizmo sip number as the foward number. Be sure to use the 1 in frount of the number. Ex 1747XXXXXXX.

    Another free option is to get a free ipkall number to foward to.

  89. How about a link to check the last call in the excellent telemarketer database at 800notes dot com. You can google 4842543819 to see how to format the link.

    I’d post an example link but my last link is still in moderation :(

    Thanks for the plugin!

  90. just installed, but the tooltip does not show. added as an allowed, to no avail. any help? thank you!

  91. this is a great plugin. keep up the good work :)

  92. This would be really cool if it worked

  93. EXCELLENT !!! This is the best add-on ever….

  94. Would NOT call out after installation, I got message “Call (212) 555-1212 from null?” I right clicked on my GV phone number on the bottom right corner of the browser window, selected “Disable” then right clicked again and selected enable. That fixed my problem. Good luck! Thank you Mr. Smith for a great app.

  95. I too was wondering where one can see the source for this fabulous plug-in?


  96. Chad, I’m not so sure the multiple login is the problem. When I launch Firefox, for example, my home page is iGoogle, it comes up that I have not been signed in. If I immediately click the Home button, it gives me my signed in iGoogle page. However, if I go to some other non-Google page, for example we have a corporate application that remembers my department and login name, it comes up blank. Everything works great with the add-on disabled. I fear it is something with Firefox’s ability to recall saved information, perhaps via cookies?? that is interfered with.

  97. You know, a long time ago there was a cool app called Flyswat ( – that is, it was cool until NBC bought it out and ruined it. It ran in Windows (outside of any browser), and would find text in your applications (including browsers) that it recognized, you could click on it (Alt-Click I think) and it would pop up a cloud with Internet references. Even from Notepad! That would be perfect for Google Voice, something that recognizes text anywhere on the screen – Word, Notepad, Firefox, IE, you name it – and allowed you to click to dial…

  98. “Click to Call” not working in New Tabs of Firefox only seems to work in the 1st tab. Is this something new??

  99. It worked once only.
    Configured the add-on. It did not work. Disabled / Enabled it. Seemed to work, though I don’t know what I should be expecting to see. A mouse-over hover showed that phone numbers on the screen as underlined and clicking popped up a window offering to dial. Excellent. This seemed to work. Once.

    Now, nothing is underlined. Dis/Enabling does nothing. R-clicking on the Voice icon and selecting “Dial” brings up a Javascript window asking me to enter a phone number, and has it populated with the *last* number that I had called, not the one that I want.

    Any suggestions?

    To add a suggestion of my own, you might want to add a feature that allows it to dial any number that has been highlighted.

    As a sidenote, I use an Autohotkey script to make calls via my Vonage account. In any application, if I highlight a phone number (well, any number actually), it sends a https call to have my vonage phone ring. It simply copies whatever is highlighted to the copy-buffer, ensure that no ‘bad’ characters exist, converts letters to numbers, places the call, then replaces the copy-buffer. Nice, small, easy.

    It is a bit cumbersome to post here. I’ll email it to you if you provide me with an address.


  100. Any plans on supporting multiple GV accounts?
    I have one for work and one for personal.

  101. I’m trying to use this on a Google Docs spreadsheet being displayed within Firefox, but the telephone number fields are not clickable. Any idea why?

  102. Hi i tested your plugin, but i noticed that your pluging does not send message to the number I typed, it convert it to national number (xxx-xxxx-xxxxx), for example 0033….., became +10033… Well that absolutely annoying, can’t I just send an sms to a friend in france, for example, well, I’m removing this pluging, it’s use less, unless it dial the number i want not the number you think i may want. Sorry, I am furious, because I disturbed people …etc

  103. Your add on helped quite a bit in setting up a desktop notifier for Google Voice. Thanks.

    You can check out the project at

  104. Awesome. I wish I could learn how to create stuff like this. I find plugin useful for my work

  105. Great plugin! Any chance of extending it so that it can dial numbers from Thunderbird (e-mails and address book)?

  106. This is great ! is there any possibility that you might be working on an Outlook addon that does the same thing?

  107. Heres a bug, on international numbers, only the last 10 digits turn blue / are used to make the call. For example: +972 52 555 5555, only 252 555 5555 are blued and used for the call.

  108. I have found the solution if your phone numbers are not highlighted in blue, or underlined. When that happens, you cannot click on the number to make a call.

    To fix this, all you need to do, is double click on the Google Voice add-on status-bar icon, and all phone numbers on the current page will highlight.

  109. Love the app.
    Additions I would love:
    1) Popup caller id for incoming
    2) Multi GV account handling.

  110. I get the incorrect login or password now. I am using .50 with firefox 3.x. I updated to the latest firefox 3.5x today, but it didn’t fix the issue.

    This was working fine until a day or two ago and I had not made any changes to Firefox at that time. I have gone in and removed my saved user/pass and tried inputting it again, but get the same error.

    OS: Windows 7 x64

  111. Hmm, Getting incorrect login or password when entering correct and verified login and password. Also getting same error with Mac Dashboard widget GV connect….perhaps GV changed login process?

  112. I got mine working again. I was logged into gmail before under the same account as my google voice, so I figured my password was cached. I logged into google voice with the same login, refreshed the plugin and Voila!

    Hope this helps someone else.

  113. For some reason, the add-in now shows “incorrect login or password”, but I’m logged into Goggle Voice just fine. Re-entering the password in the add-in password field did not help. Was working fine yesterday.

  114. I’m getting the same “incorrect login or password” thing that Kevin described, but I can log into Goggle Voice just fine. Re-entering the password in the add-in password field did not help me either.

  115. Hi, thank you for the plug in. Works great.

    One suggestion. Could you make selecting the ‘forwarding number’ easier? Maybe instead of displaying the google number in the status bar, you could display the ‘forwarding number’, with the ability to select the forwarding number from a pop up menu.

    The issue is that if i am at home, i would like to select my home number. If I am out, i would like to select the either my work or my personal cell to make the call. Going through the settings takes too much time when you have multiple numbers.

    I mean, that is what is so cool about google voice, being able to roll in multiple numbers into one.

  116. I am getting “incorrect login or password” since yesterday. I just upgraded to 0.5 and restarted Firefox, refreshed, same problem. My googlevoice_response.html file is there but file size is zero. I am running on the latest XP, FF 3.0.14. Thanks.

  117. This is a wonderful add on. I was going to have something like this developed for our internal CRM. Unfortunately, it does not work with our CRM page. Can you make it so that I can highlight/select the number on the screen and then press call? e-mail me if you need a specific donation otherwise, I will take a best guess.

  118. I have the same problem, incrrect login or password, where can I locate the file googlevoice_response.html?

  119. Working OK again this morning. I don’t remember changing anything on my computer but I did switch my router yesterday afternoon for unrelated reasons. No big changes, though.

  120. Several users reported they are suddenly getting an invalid username and password error but can still log in to the Google Voice website. This appears to be related to session cookies and is likely due to upcoming changes that are effecting accounts in waves.

    If your account has been effected and you are willing to lend it for testing please contact me. Unfortunately all my accounts still work.

  121. I was seeing the “incorrect login or password” problem and managed to fix it, though I don’t have great repro steps. Here are some of the parameters I changed.

    1. On my GV account I have several logins set up. The primary login is a standard Google Accounts (gmail) account. The other two are Google Apps for Domains accounts. I changed my login for the add-on back to the primary account’s login data. (not sure if this was the problem – it didn’t work immediately after)

    2. I cleared my firefox cookies and cache.

    3. Refreshed the GV addon several times.

    Eventually it took my creds and started working. Hope that helps.

  122. I was getting the same error. It got fixed after
    1. Cleaning cookies
    2. Logining into gmail
    3. Refreshing GV

  123. It fixed login issue, but I cannot send sms or make a call. It accepts all required information and then nothing happens – no error message, no sms is sent or call is done.

  124. Looks like this may be an issue that is broader than Firefox. Over at the GVMobile forum (google voice app for iPhone), people are reporting similar problems starting around the same time. Here’s a workaroud for that app that my provide some clues as to how to fix the plugin…maybe.

  125. Have you considered removing the number that gets filled in by default when you right click and pick dial? It seems to think I always want to call the last person dialed, but this is very rarely the case (at least for me…)

  126. How about adding a feature to log on from behind http proxy. i assume that’s why it’s not working for me.

  127. Hey Chad – I am a new user, and I have one problem, but first – THANKS! for such an awesome little add on. I’ve been wanting this for my heavy online calling needs, and it saves me a bunch of time.

    I’ve been having the “incorrect login” issue for sometime. I started uninstalling and reinstalling the addon just a day ago, and thought that resolved it. Now that didn’t work either. I use software called hide my ip and it allows me to change my IP address throughout the day. I get leads from websites, and I’ve had them shut me down before b/c they though I was a bot of some sort. This solved it….anyways, it manipulates the proxy settings of the Firefox browser, and this might be part of the problem for me. I just shut it down, and then your addon worked fine. Then I activated the IP software, and all still seems OK.

    Don’t know if this helps, but I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks again!

  128. Chad –

    Just to clarify….as long as I got the addon working BEFORE I modified IP settings, all is seemingly OK. Sorry, just wanted to make sure that was clear.

  129. 1. I love this I love this I love this – Thank you.
    2. The Enable/Disable is very useful – When I used to edit blogs/websites some weird HTML would end up in anything that had phone numbers in it, messing up the code. Now I disable to edit via Wysiwyg editors

    3. Can you make the Dial interface come up either via shortcut or double clicking the GVoice icon. I use that a lot and right click is a bit of a pain.


  130. + 1 – I love this I love this I love this

    Great addon. The latest dot-release has fixed the login issue for me.

    One minor feature request – Like Mark (128), I’ve started using the Dial feature regularly. It would be really handy if it were more accessible. I’d like to put in a request for a toolbar button that pops up a dialog for the number to dial.

    Thanks again for a stupendously useful plugin.


  131. My status bar indicator seems stuck on “loading calls” for the last few days.

  132. Hi,

    For the past few days, the GV Add-on Menu on the bottom toolbar has displayed: “incorrect login or password”. I know that I have put in the correct username and password in the settings. The weird thing is that I didn’t even change the settings before it started displaying the message.

    Would you happen to know how to fix this?

    P.S. I LOVE this add-on! Thanks for all your hard work!

  133. Whoops, sorry Chad. I just saw your post about this issue. Thanks again!

  134. Stan/Cliff, I have noticed it getting stuck on “Loading Calls” or login issue. If I login to google voice it does make a difference, nor does ‘Refresh.’ If I right-click status bar icon and Disable then Enable, it loads right up for me. Temporary workaround.

  135. @Ronnie
    The addon does that sometimes when it takes a while to load Firefox so you might want to try changing the HTTP request timeout in the settings to something higher. If that’s what’s happening you will get a timeout message when you over “Loading Calls” in the status bar.

    v0.6.0 should fix that

    @Stan Lepnitz
    I noticed v0.7.0 is doing that on one of my accounts. You might try switching back to v0.6.0 since v7 is still buggy.

    This logs in the same as when you visit the Google Voice page so if you’re behind a proxy you probably can’t log in there either. Proxy settings usually effect the entire browser so try adding them in Firefox’s connection settings.

  136. Any way this could be made to use OAuth?

  137. Chad –

    Everything is working fantastic now…v 6.0 fixed everything. Thanks so much – this add-on is a real time saver!

  138. v0.6.0 & v0.7.0b1 get stuck on Loading Calls, no matter what I do..

  139. I did what Ronnie did, and that also worked for me..

    “Stan/Cliff, I have noticed it getting stuck on “Loading Calls” or login issue. If I login to google voice it does make a difference, nor does ‘Refresh.’ If I right-click status bar icon and Disable then Enable, it loads right up for me. Temporary workaround.”

  140. Just got my Voice account and the first thing I installed for it was this add-on. Very nice. Thanks.

    Two small (hopefully) requests:

    1) It would be great if we could chose what action happens when the add-on is left-clicked. Some people want Dial, I want to go to the Voice page.
    2) The Forwarding number needs to be relabeled and I would appreciate being able to set more than one and pick which one from the Dial popup.

    Thanks again.

  141. Hey, glad to see you finally updated the plugin

    It would be nice when you have a new * anything, the icon would change colors, Or alert you some how.

    Also when you left click on it I think it should bring up the recent list so you can hover over individual items, and say quick call back, or text back, Or goto the Google Voice page for that call/message


  142. hi i installed 0.6.0 and 0.7.0b1 and nither work for me both sit and say loading calls in the setting i put my user and pw the phone # and close go back to settings and all it kept was the phone #

  143. Hey. Thanks for providing this service. I have a few questions.

    – I’ve gotten no response from the support email listed at the firefox add on site. Why is it there if it’s not checked?
    – My number is showing up in the bottom right of my browser, but I still can’t place calls.

  144. Great app. I use it to call on my call list. I convert the excel spreadsheets to HTML and then I can click away and don’t have to dial their numbers.

    The only issue I have is that I have sometimes have to do the whole process twice when clicking on a phone number. Example: Click to dial a number, click OK on the message box, wait for phone to ring, no ring, click to dial number, click OK and then the phone will ring.

    I am using the version 0.6

  145. Bad news.

    I know some of you were receiving the error “Unable to place call to NNNNNNNNNN” when dialing out from the addon.

    This appears to be because Google Voice no longer allows you to call from a number that is not associated with your account.

  146. Super job! I’m contributing!

    I noticed this doesnt linkify numbers in gmail. I figure GV will work better with GM natively sometime soon. GM and websites is where I would need that linkification most, especially gmail contacts.

    also, its a little confusing what to enter as forwarding number, and the error message you get when dialing if you put your GV number there. may want a rollover help or tip in the error message. I was able to resolve that quickly, though.

    Thanks for the great app! I am recommending it to everyone I know with GV.

  147. Awesome, just bought you coffee!
    Feature request: ability to click on phone numbers in Google Contacts

  148. Not working : ((((((((

    Javascript application – Unable to place call to XXXXX

    Firefox 3.5..4
    Google Voice Addon 0.6.0

    PLEASE FIX IT SOON !!!!!!!!!

  149. Does not work.

    Unable to place call.

    FF: 3.5.4 OS X SL 10.6.1 GVDialer: 0.7.0b1

  150. – I’ve gotten no response from the support email listed at the firefox add on site. Why is it there if it’s not checked?
    – My number is showing up in the bottom right of my browser, but I still can’t place calls.

  151. Love it!! Anyway to get around using a number not associated with a GV account when placing calls??

  152. Unbelievable app!!! Got confused with the forwarding #, but saw the fix in the “Common problems” section. You just made my day!!!!!!!! I can’t seem to get this silly smile off my face :-)
    Would be nice if I could highlite the contact info and be able to add it to my google contacts…

  153. I’m getting the “Unable to place call” as well. However, when I test by calling my google voice number, it forwards properly.

  154. Hi Chad…

    I have the latest Firefox 3.5.5, and 0.6.0 of your AWESOME addon. It has been working flawlessly until today, when it suddenly gets an “unable to dial XXXXXXXXXX” error both from the clickable #s as well as from the dial up box that can be accessed by right clicking the addon. A coworker of mine developed the exact same issue at the same time.

    I tried reinstalling the addon, to no avail. The numbers that I’m trying to call thru ARE associated with my google account. Any ideas? Did Google change something?

    Thanks !

  155. Firefox 3.5.5 and 0.6.0 and I also get an “unable to dial XXXXXXXXXX” error both from the clickable #s as well as from the dial up box”

  156. Google Voice changed a few things yesterday and broke all the apps that dial out. v0.8.0 was released last night to make it work again.

  157. Firefox 3.5.3
    I have to enter my username/password combo every time I open my browser. Any idea why or what I must do to fix that?

  158. Thanks for the latest update. I am using 0.8 with FF 3.5 and I still have the “Loading Calls…” problem. I have to disable and enable the extension to get it to work. I have bumped up the timeout to 60 seconds but it doesn’t seem to help. I have no problem authenticating with Google using other applications.

  159. When I first got this, I loved it. For the last two versions all I see is “Loading Calls..”. I have tried everything to get it to load and it will not. I have refreshed, bumped my timeout way up, disabled and renabled, uninstalled, and reinstalled, nothing works.

    I love this app and hope this problem gets fixed soon.

  160. Why doesn’t the GV addon notify me that an update is available from within Firefox like others do?

  161. I have had the same problem. I upgraded from 0.5 to 0.9 and all I see is Loading Calls… and it never changes.

  162. Downloaded .9 and all I see is the Loading Calls and when I click on a # nothing happens. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I’m happy to donate, just want to make sure it works first. Great App!

  163. Like others, I see “Loading Calls” in 0.9, even though I increased the HTTP request timeout to 60 sec. FF loads much faster than that, so I don’t think that’s the cause. Doing Disable and then Enable fixes it for that session. Other than that, it’s a great add-on!

  164. Yeah! This sounds great! Another spectacular tool.

  165. Still seeing “loading calls” after trying all fixes posted.

    Uninstalling… now. Thanks for the effort though.

  166. That is a sweet tool that does exactly what I wanted it to.
    No fluff no mess no fuss perfect.
    thank you

  167. All of a sudden, the “Loading calls…” issue has disappeared. Can’t think of anything that I did to make it work. The only add-on that I updated in the last couple of days is “Email This!”.

  168. Latest add-on ver.0.9.0 doesn’t work with Gizmo numbers (used to work couple of days ago). Non-Gizmo numbers are OK.

  169. I just wanted to ask [again] about a Google chrome extension.

  170. Hi Chad,
    Thank you for this addon.
    I have v0.9.1. and same “loading” message. Timeout 60 doesnt help

  171. Firefox 3.5.5 and 0.9.1 and I also get an “unable to dial XXXXXXXXXX” error both from the clickable #s as well as from the dial up box Upgraded from 6.0 which did not work either. Used to work fine with previous versions.

  172. After upgrade to firefix 3.5.6, “Loading Calls” is displayed. Uninstalled 0.9.1 and reinstalled just in case… still not working.

  173. Also getting the “Loading Calls” using 0.9.1 and 3.5.6

    Would be a SWEET app if I could get it to work right!

  174. FYI…

    I got it to start working again by “disabling” and then “enabling” it from the status bar at the bottom. No idea why it works, but it does.

  175. I found what may be a clue to the “loading calls” problem. It appears that when a new browser window is opened the calls get loaded again; “Loading calls” appears as the window is opened. For me it seems to get stuck there sometimes. Simply disabling and re-enabling the add-on remedies the problem for a time.

    GV Addon: 0.9.1
    Firefox: 3.5.7
    MacOS 10.6.2

  176. I am getting “failed to parse the call log” error when I hover over my GV number. I am using FF 3.6. Any suggestions to what I need to do to fix this. Thanks.

  177. I had the same loading calls issue and Patrick’s suggestion “I got it to start working again by “disabling” and then “enabling” it from the status bar at the bottom. No idea why it works, but it does.” worked for me too.

  178. Installing the addon has instantly disabled all calling functionality, even using Google Voice with Internet Explorer. Also disabled now is call playback from Firefox, though call playback still works from IE. This addon has really screwed me up buddy. What can I do?

  179. Okay, my message player is fine now — I simply updated Adobe Flash player and it worked. Gee I wish that I had gotten a Flash Player update prompt like that offered at Without noticing wsj’s prompt I could easily have spent hours or days screwing around looking for a solution. And, the place-a-call from the web site function has resumed normal functionality too, a malfunction apparently unrelated to thatsmith’s addon. So, sorry for whining thatsmith!

  180. For what it’s worth: same FF config at home and work. Same GV add-in version 0.9.1. Home works fine. Work: Loading Calls… Tried everything other have suggested. No go.

  181. Unable to make calls from web page.

    Error message:
    [Java Script Application]
    Unable to place call to xxxxxxxxxx

    Does not work for xxx-xxx-xxxx either. Loads calls at the bottom of the browser fine. I have changed my forwarding number to match in Google Voice and my passwords are all correct.

    Mac – Snow Leopard
    Firefox 3.5.6
    Latest add-on

  182. To Matt Towers and Steve B, I’ve found I only get the “Loading Calls” issue if I’ve selected “Stay signed in” when logging into gmail or iGoogle (or probably any google site). If I log out after each session I don’t have the Loading Calls problem. This is true for both Firefox 3.5 on Kubuntu 9.10 and Firefox 3.0.17 on Windows XP.

  183. Great job! Thank you so much. I really love it!!!

  184. “To Matt Towers and Steve B, I’ve found I only get the “Loading Calls” issue if I’ve selected “Stay signed in” when logging into gmail or iGoogle (or probably any google site). If I log out after each session I don’t have the Loading Calls problem. This is true for both Firefox 3.5 on Kubuntu 9.10 and Firefox 3.0.17 on Windows XP.”

    I can confirm this. Signing out of Google AND refreshing the website, fixes the problem. It’s not really a solution though because I’d personally rather stay logged in.

  185. is it possible to add this on to thunderbird 3? it would be nice if i could click to call numbers in emails too.

  186. I’ve gone from loading calls to “CaptchaRequired” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,used to work,,,is it me?

  187. Thanks! This works great! the only thing I would love to change is the option for it to wait for my approval of the number before it starts initiating the call in case I click the wrong number or click on something that may not be a number at all even though the page thinks it is.

    Thanks again!

  188. Still doesn’t work for me/ stuck on “loading calls”.

  189. Overall, awesome work. I’ve just sent a donation.

    Would be great if the number to dial automatically had a drop down of the numbers from your google voice account so you could just pick which phone to dial.

    Would also be great if the conversion of #s to dialable links was improved. Even Google Maps doesn’t work. :(

  190. I think I have a new one!

    First – thanks for the extension – I’ve used it since the Grand Central days, and I appreciate you going to the effort to create it.

    Ok, here’s my bug – Win7, FF 3.6, GVAF 0.9.1 – the first telephone number on each webpage disappears when the page finishes loading. If I disable GVAF, the number doesn’t disappear. Any guesses?

    Thanks again.

  191. Is it possible that you could enable dialing to a forwarding phone not listed on the google account. Maybe use the PIN to do it. I know I can call in from a phone not listed and give it the PIN to connect the call. Thanks.

  192. Hi, well done. But I get some problems. this add-on cannot identify phone numbers in the form like
    +1 xxx xxx xxxx
    +34 xxx xxxx xxxx
    maybe there are others number formats also.


  193. Hi Chad, first off, I love this plugin, it totally ROCKS!

    I’ve been developing a similar extension and am using a lot of your code. I found a bug in some of the javascript funcions, the ones that check all the open windows:

    in the while loop they reference com.chadsmith.googlevoice but they should really reference

    It’s not a big deal for your doe because the updates are so infrequent, but in mine what it does is if you have multiple windows open, each one has it’s own timer, which was really messing me up.

    I also changed the start function so it will only scheduleCallChecking if there is no current call checking, I think that makes more sense, at least for me.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    I’m also looking into turning this into a thunderbird extension.

    Thanks again,


  194. Any chance of adding an option to disable the “click to call” feature? I’ve accidently dialed quite a few numbers trying to copy/paste text with more than 10 digits.

  195. add-on is not that helpful b/c it does not link to address book, forcing us to copy and paste phone numbers, therefore going onto the GV website- which is what i’m trying to avoid doing in the first place.

  196. I’ve been seeing the “Loading calls” issue for the past few versions, including 0.9.1. My http timeout is set to 30 seconds.
    However if I disable/enable the addon, it works.

  197. Same problem as Ralph has. On mouseover, the error is “TypeError: response Text is null”. After I disable the plugin, same error. After I enable it, “enabling” does not take. I “refresh”, but still the same error.

  198. Same problem as above .. “Loading calls…” and mouseover says “Response Text is null” . and disable/enable doesn’t seem to be of any help.. NOting happening..

  199. Just figured out.. That you need to be logged into Gmail for this to work… Previously i got only “Loading calls …” and reponse text is null .. But once i logged into gmail, it started working..

    I thought this is stand alone.. may be i am mistaken.

  200. It’s standalone unless you have third party cookies enabled.

    I’m on the road right now but will take a look at the other issues this evening.

  201. Tried to log into Gmail as @Prav suggested. Does work indeed, As soon as I log into a different Gmail account – “Loading Calls..” appears. It would be fabulous to have a stand alone option.

  202. Hi Chad…mine was working fine for weeks now…now it just says “Loading calls.” I’m logged into GV, gmail etc. but still no go. I’ve closed Firefox, deleted cookies, hit refresh etc etc. Nothing seems to be working…perhaps another change on Google’s part. Thanks much as always!

  203. Just a note….Windows 7 OS, Firefox 3.6.3

  204. For about a week, I keep getting the “unable to place call” message. I use WIn7/32 with FF 3.6.3. It works fine on my Win7/64 machine.

  205. I have the same problem as Gabriel – “unable to place call” message. SMS functionality is fine. Firefox 3.5.9 on Windows Vista.

  206. Would be ridiculously…….. awesome if it at least saved the last # put in when texting etc at least if not a full blown dropdown

    Keep it up

  207. Chad –

    I have been using my Google Voice on my resume and I am getting TypeError:response text is null. Please help.


    Joseph Mills

  208. I am getting TypeError: Number is null and it just shows LOADING CALLS

  209. I’ve used the plugin for about two days and things worked wonderfully. Then I must have changed something and now I get a similar error, except it reads “TypeError: number is null.” I’m trying to remember what it is that I changed to have caused this but to no avail.

  210. I, too, had the same errors as above. I found mine was repaired by right-clicking and selecting GO TO GOOGLE VOICE. At this time you’ll see it forces you to manually login to GV. Once I did that and hit REFRESH in the plugin all was fine again.

    I believe Google has changed something to do with GV. This problem comes shortly after the one I’m having with the Android HTTP POST/GET functionality no longer working and allowing the changing of which phones are on at which times/locations.

  211. Chad , can you please respond to this? we are waiting for your response (see the above post)

  212. Sorry for the delay guys!

    Google changed their login system again so third-party GV apps are breaking all over. It finally hit my account too so I will release an update this weekend which bypasses ClientLogin and uses your current browser session instead.

    This next release will be my last update to the addon as I have moved over to Chrome and the official extension from the Google Voice team.

  213. Sorry to hear that. I really enjoy firefox, although I use google chrome as well.

    Would donations help in keeping this extension going for firefox?

  214. This stopped working for me this week. It is my favorite business tool. I use it all day every day, and now that I am used to it, it is almost torture to not have it working. Is it broken? Why did it stop working all of a sudden?

    I first started seeing issues like 2 weeks ago with crackling and real bad breaking up. and then one day this week, it just stopped working. I am not logged into my Google account. and I have uninstalled and reinstalled this add on 3 or 4 times now, and still nothing.

    The phone numbers will hyperlink and I can click on it, but then the box does not come up any more like it used to where it gives you the option to cancel, and my phone never rings.

    What can I do????? HELP!!!!!!!!

  215. Please test v0.9.5 of the addon. :)

  216. works great for me so far! thanks!

  217. Any chance you will open and publish the code somewhere in case someone else will take it over and keep it up to date as things progress?

  218. This has fixed the null-number and general non-workingness for me. Thanks Chad! Sorry to hear you’re dropping the extensions; I’ve come to use it a lot. Would like to see an answer to #217 though, as I’m sure many would. Thx again! -j

  219. Thanks Chad, does seem to be working fine now for me as well.

    I am sure someone would pick up development if its too burdensome for you, unfortunately I am not a skilled programmer. Again I am sure many would step up to donate if need be.


  220. could you add the feature of when you d-click it, it goes to google voice?

  221. Double click rescans for numbers or dials/texts he current selection. That’s why Go to Inbox is in the context menu.

  222. Very sorry to hear about the abandonment of the Add-On. I won’t be migrating to Chrome until there are working versions of NoScript, Flashblock and AdBlock Plus for it.

  223. Hi Dennis,

    Like you I was not going to use Chrome until my favorite Firefox extensions were available. For me that was AdBlock Plus, Roboform, FlashBlock, and NoScript. pretty close to your list! Anyway, The first 3 in my list now all have Chrome extensions and the protection offered by NoScript is now built directly into Chrome, an article about that is here:

    I had tried Chrome once awhile ago and then uninstalled it to wait for improvements. The improvements have been made, the extension we use are now all there ,and it’s now a great working browser for me.

    As an added plus, the Google Voice Extension works very well.

    My point is that there is already working versions of NoScript, Flashblock and AdBlock Plus for Chrome so It does in fact have what you have been waiting for.

    Best of luck,

  224. This plugin works beautifully in FF on Ubuntu, and is a must-have. Thank you so much for your time and work! I hope someone will be able to pick this project up and keep it up-to-date. Thanks again!

  225. Any way to turn of the number display in Status Bar to take up minimal space. Love the functionality and have found ways to work around the quirks – use it more than I thought I would. Thanks.

  226. Totally broken on the Firefox 4 betas. An update would be much appreciated.

  227. Hi Chad,

    Great addon, sorry to hear that you will be migrating to Chrome.

    In case you do decide to continue development in the future, I have one suggestion: Allow entry of multiple forwarding numbers. On the right click menu, you can then check which one you want to use. That would allow switching between phone numbers easier than going into settings every time and re-entering a phone number. Thanks!

    Will you be releasing this addon so someone else can continue development?

  228. I’d really love a feature which would allow you to update your voicemail message to one of however many preset messages. Much like you would change an away message on AIM. Great work on the app though; I really like it.

  229. I’m unclear what to insert into the Forwarding Number section of the Google Voice Options.

    What do you mean by: “Enter the number you want to ring for outgoing calls (not your GV number)?”

    Please advise.


  230. Trying to use. But when I click a number it says “Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (skype) isn’t associated with any program.”

    Please help.

  231. Used to work now doesn’t, says “CaptchaRequired”. How can I correct it?

  232. Your plug-in does not work with phone numbers found by Google Instant. Are there plans for a fix that will enable it to work with Google Instant again.

  233. Any way to turn of the number display in Status Bar to take up minimal space. Love the functionality and have found ways to work around the quirks – use it more than I thought I would. Thanks.

  234. I have a message that captcha required..don’t know what that is or how to get it. help!

  235. Great addon! The one thing I would really like is the ability to use line returns in a text message. That doesn’t seem to be supported currently.

  236. Can anyone please post something to fix the “Loading Calls….” issue? I’ve tried everything – have latest versions of everything, but it always just displays “Loading Calls…”…. Have disabled, enabled, re-installed, etc. I changed the password to a wrong one and it said “bad authentication” then changed it back and it’s right back to “Loading Calls…..”

    I use Chrome, too, but I have 2 GV accounts – 1 I use in each browser for different purposes, and need FF to work, too!

    thanks in advance…

    ps, to DJJim – you need to put in a phone number where GoogleVoice is going to call you. It connects your phone to the number you click on your screen.

  237. here’s another one for you –

    although I have uninstalled it, and reinstalled, it seems to always remember the settings. How can I delete the settings to start from scratch? I imagine this is part of the problem I’m having with “Loading Calls….”…..

  238. Thanks for making this useful add-on.
    Is there any way you can add contacts to it??

  239. FIXED – I have managed to fix the Loading Calls issue. All I did was went into my GV account and deleted all the call history and messages just in case. After that, it seemed to work find. I did have over 150 calls on outbound and inbound, so maybe there was a timeout delay of some sort. I hope this helps someone.

  240. Great add-on. Since the add-on is already logged in to my gmail account, would it be difficult to add access to the contacts when sending a text or dialing a call?

  241. Hi, I installed this plug-in but there’s a TypeError: callType[type] is undefined. What should I do?

  242. Is there any way to get this add-on to make a call using your computer (and a suitable mic & headset combo) by clicking a phone number on a Web page WITHOUT having Google Voice dial your forwarding number, or without using TWO Google Voice numbers, and typing the SECOND number in the “forwarding number” box?

    I would prefer NOT to have my home land-line phone ring (or give a call waiting beep) when I click a phone number on a Web page.

  243. I get this error….

    TypeError: callType[type] is undefined

    any idea what that means?

  244. I am getting…

    TypeError: responseText is null

  245. TypeError: callType[type] is undefined

  246. 0.9.5 is still giving me the TypeError: number is null error.

  247. Great plugin!! I wish GV worked in Canada though.

  248. Great plugin! Looking forward to some of the new features

  249. Does not work with Zoho CRM. Would love for this to recognize phone numbers in database. Unless I am doing something wrong.

  250. since dual authentication with google, plug in doesn’t work. still getting bad authentication. any fix? maybe its me?

  251. it appears in the last couple of days an update in firefox has interrupted the functionality of this add-on. Is there a known issue or fix coming? This is a great tool and I am sure you will see support in the community for an update!

  252. Now that Fx4 RC1 is out, are you going to tweak this extension? I still works although the pop-up context menu has a transparent background. This is the only problem that I see with it.

  253. Love the addon, but is there any to make it call “google talk” rather than a phone #? If I go to the google voice page, I can select “google talk” (now actually my OBI110 box) rather than a “real” phone #.

  254. Any chance on updating this for the newly released firefox 4? Cheers!

  255. The addon works fine for me on firefox 4, btw. Of course, since it’s not marked as compatible, you have to go into about:config and change the value of “extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0” to false.

  256. I’m not complaining that this extension isn’t yet officially available for FF4, but I would like to express my displeasure after I upgraded from FF3 to 4 and found the incompatibility and thus, disabled add-on. I absolutely love this add-on because it keeps me from having to keep an extra tab open to my GV web account so I can make calls on the fly. It is a great conveninece and I thank you for development and support. Until an official update is completed I too will follow in the path of changing the “extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0? to false.

    I advise all users that there are consequences of such actions that I take responsibility in my own hands for. I do not accept responsibility for anyone else that follows in my footsteps.

  257. I tried the options provided by Scott and Sn3akyp3t3. I could not find this option under config in my ff4.0. Can you please tell me where can I locate this option.
    Firefox googlevoice extension is better than the chrome gv extension. I like this one as once I enter my credentials, I do not need to enter or open the session like in chrome..

    I request to smith to please provide the update for ff4.0. Thanks in advance.

  258. I found it by installing add-on compatibility report manager and it automatically did it for me.

  259. I guess Google needed this awesome tool to be “unsupported”.

    Well I have been a firefox fan and google fan for a Long time just not ready to go to Chrome yet.

    Many thanks for your great tool. Hope you have time to enjoy your family ; >

  260. Hi, How do you changing the “extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0? to false? Thanks


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