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By • Oct 14th, 2009 • Category: Firefox

Update: I found a better browser so I am no longer supporting this add-on. 

I recommend the official Google Wave notifier instead.

Google probably isn’t going to be happy about this, but I present to you the first ever Google Wave Notifier… for Firefox.

This add-on reuses code from my other add-on, the Google Voice Add-on for Firefox (I’m great with names).

If you have a Google Wave account, enter your login and password in the settings and it will log you in and notify you of new wavelets in your inbox.

Let me know if you encounter bugs. Enjoy.

Latest Version: v0.0.3

In this release:

  • Changed “Incompatible Browser” error to “Cookies Blocked”
  • Third-party cookies need to be enabled for (this fixes the issue people were having with Firefox 3.5.3 and 3.7)
  • Addon sends custom user-agent per Google Wave Team’s request
  • Limits automatic inbox checking to a minimum of 5 minutes
  • Now only attempts to check the inbox if you are logged in

Planned for the next release: See note above

  • Sandboxed HTTP connection for safer third-party cookies

Known Issues:

“Cookies Blocked” issue: If third-party cookies are blocked for all sites, an exception will have to be added for

This is done by going to Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Firefox will: Use custom settings for history -> Exceptions -> -> Allow.

This notifier is for regular Google Wave accounts, so Sandbox accounts will not work.  If you would like to use it in Sandbox, let me know and I will upload that version as well.


As of this time you will not automatically receive notifications of updates to the addon, so check this page regularly or follow me on twitter to be notified of new versions.

Support: Google Wave Add-on Wave


This addon has been tested on and is fully functional with Firefox 3.x.x and 3.7a1pre. It has been tested using Windows XP, Vista, 7, Ubuntu, and OS X. It will install in Flock and older versions of Firefox but is unsupported outside of Firefox 3.5+.


This addon is distributed without warranty under the MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1 licenses. View the addon source or visit for additional information on the licenses.


Google Wave Add-on for Firefox v0.0.3

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179 Responses »

  1. looks promising, I’ll test it as soon as I get an invite.

  2. Can you tell me what CaptchaRequired means next to the Google Wave icon? I have installed the extension and entered my GoogleWave details.


  3. You sir, are a legend! This is a God send!

  4. Looks like you copy and pasted the identification box, it still says “Google Voice” at the top! Other than that, good job being first with an add-on. I don’t think the Wave team will be mad at all.

  5. @Scott Yates
    Not quite copy and paste, I typed over the next version of my Google Voice addon instead. Can you send me a screenshot of where it says that?

  6. Great! Good job.

  7. I’ve downloaded it ok, but I get “email and password missing from settings” on the toolbar, next to the Wave logo. I’ve double checked and they are there and are correct.

    and like @Scott Yates, I also get “Google Voice Options” in the settings box.

  8. What does “useragent check failed” mean?

  9. By the way, I just reviewed your add-on here:
    I love it!

  10. Just added this to Firefox. It looks great, but doesn’t seem to be updating correctly. It keeps showing me that I have x number of new waves though I’ve read all the ones I have.

  11. also getting the CaptchaRequired message

  12. You should create a wave for updates.

    Also I get the incompatible browser error and I have Firefox 3.5.3 installed.

  13. Doesn’t seem to work well in Flock… bummer.

  14. Getting the CaptchaRequired message as well.

  15. Yeah I’m having same problem as Justin – doesn’t work in Flock. Hmphh.

  16. Need this add-on for Google Chrome! 😉

  17. Hi, I get the message: “incompatible browser” at the bottom line of my firefox (in red) and the messag “usercheck agent failed” as a bubble text. Firefox is version 3.5.3 German (installed). My Google account is valid, I have tested it just right.
    Is it possible that my password is too long (I use a 24 characters long password)? Sometimes there are also problems with such strong passwords on foren. My user-id at is 26 chracters long.
    Best regards from Good Old German.

  18. Get this baby on the Firefox Addons site!

  19. Hi.
    That’s nice thing!

    But i cannot figure out how it works :)
    Is the magic in that WAVE request header?

    Wonder if it is appropriative for googlebar button.

  20. Hats of to you, my man!.

  21. great work..thanks man..

  22. Só falta o meu convite! =

  23. Hmmm… you say it works with Flock but I am having issues. I am running Flock 2.5.2.

    It installed fine and showed up on my lower toolbar. Next to the logo it says email and password missing from settings. I right click it and choose settings. Instead of an actual window, up pops two buttons, “OK” and “CANCEL” with no gray box around them, nothing to type in… just the two buttons floating on my desktop, contained in nothing, side by side. A new flock window opens the moment they appear but its invisible. I know its there because a tap opens at the bottom of my screen but the whole window is just those two buttons surrounded by (perhaps) transparency.

    No matter which button I click on, I get a small gray window that says Javascript Application: you must enter an email address and an “OK” button.

    Any advice???


  24. Many thanks, I like this addon very much.

  25. It’s cool. Thanks.

    But I do hope Google will add an alert message or notifier for unread Wave inside Gmail (and vice versa)… as I use Gmail a lot :)

  26. Love this! It’s working great. Thank you! =)

  27. Why did you add a limit of 5 minutes minimum to addon? I keep most programs updating at 1 minute because it doesn’t slow down my computer and I like everything very up to date.

  28. I am trying to get it working in Flock but it won’t let me go to settings to upload my Google Wave account. Just keeps saying email and password missing from settings. then when I select settings by right clicking they don’t appear! Please make it work in Flock! (based on Firefox.)

  29. Also getting the CaptchaRequired message.
    To bad, was waiting for an add-on like this on.

  30. Nice plugin, looks good next to my gMail notifyer and webmail notifyer ;). Only one suggestion: since left-klicking on the icon doesn’t seem to do anything, can Google Wave open in a new tab on left-clicking?

  31. Wonderful work, thank you!

    I do seem to be having some authentication problems, though.
    If I double-click the plug-in’s statusbar icon, it takes me to my Wave account if I’m already logged in and my session hasn’t expired. But if I click the “sign out” link in the Wave window, then double-click the plug-in’s statusbar icon, it doesn’t autologin… I just get the Wave login page.

    Double-checked the username and password several times, and have tried using {username}, {username}, {username}, and {username} as alternatives in the account name field… none seem to work.

    Is there some way to get some logging turned on in the plug-in to see why/where it’s failing?

  32. @b°b – try DOUBLE-clicking on the icon… does exactly what you’re requesting.

  33. Peachy, thank you! 😀

  34. Good job man. You are Johnny on the spot!!

  35. does this plugin do plain text authorization trough internet or uses SSL?

  36. Great plugin for Firefox man! Very inobtrusive and effective with Wave notification. Thanks so much!

  37. @Carl: no way! That’s Awesome! (why didn’t I think of that?)

  38. I use FF on a netbook and have hidden the status bar. I was wondering if it would be possible to give the option of putting an icon on the toolbar

  39. thx so much!!!

  40. Also getting the Captcha Required message… did anyone find out what this means/how to fix?

  41. Ditto on getting the CaptchaRequired message. Running Firefox 3.5.3 on (shudder) Vista Home Premium, SP2. User credentials are entered correctly. I’m guessing that this has something to do with the Google. I see a captcha whenever I log in to Wave; does everybody? Is it constant or does something trigger when the captcha screen appears? Just a thought that would explain why some have a problem and others don’t.

  42. I’m getting the “Cookies Blocked” message, so I checked my cookie settings and is an allowed exception. I recently updated to Firefox 3.5.4, and it worked fine before that with the exception in place. Is it possible that this minor upgrade to the browser created some incompatibility/problem with your extension? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  43. Sorry about the second post, but never mind. After I double-clicked the notifier icon to open Google Wave, the cookies blocked message disappeared. It must have been some temporary issue on my system.

  44. thank you. I also wanted to be one of the 1st 50 people to comment on what is sure to be a long, ongoing, and very popular extension….

  45. I’m getting a red “Incompatible browser” notice in Firefox’s toolbar. Just started happening this morning. Any ideas?

  46. Mine is not updating. I’ve entered my account info and click update and it will update. I have it checking every 5 minutes, but when I look at it 30 minutes later it hasn’t updated since. If I click refresh it will check and change the updated time to the current time and then it sits until I refresh again.

  47. To those having problems with CaptchaRequired…

    If your ID is, try just inputting joe (the part before the @) in your settings.

    I’d put in my full ID ( and got the CaptchaRequired error, but when I changed it to just username, it worked.

    FYI, I’m pretty sure you get that particular error because Google’s account system puts a flag on accounts that haven’t been verified as human via Captcha and it is viewing the full as separate from username and . I registered with a gmail account and also wonder if this is a part of the issue. When I try to log in with in order to pass the captcha, the password fails.

  48. Looks nice. What’s your Wave info?? So that those of us who have it can follow you in the WAVE..

  49. Can u put the sandbox account please for wave, my username is a wave sandbox so i can use the normal wave add-on

  50. Hi ! Thx !
    I get this add-on for WAVE !
    Try using now !

  51. Does it send the password in the clear or over HTTPS?

  52. BTW: The kid and wife counters give the impression they are a burden on you.

  53. Haha thanks. I’ll consider removing the counter. It uses Google’s ClientLogin API (their version of OAuth) which is HTTPS. This is done by the browser and not DOM which means it’s safe can’t be detected by whatever page you’re on.

  54. Hi,

    its been working just find on my old WinXP machine. Now I moved to Windows 7, firefox 3.5.5 and cannot install the Add-On anymore.

    Error Message: “Cannot install from, Error -203″
    Error Console Messages:
    * No chrome package registered for chrome://google-wave/content/google-wave.png
    * Error:: e.location.getItemLocation( is undefined
    Quelldatei: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Mozilla%20Firefox/components/nsExtensionManager.js
    Line: 4116

    Please note: I am using a German firefox 3.5.5

    Please help, I am the guy how bought you two beers :-)



  55. Why do I trust you with my password?

  56. @Brian

    Like all the other sites and addons you use, your password never comes to me. It is only seen by your browser and sent via secure connection to Google.

    The addon has been certified by numerous sites including Mozilla and Softpedia to verify that it in fact does not steal your password. If you still don’t like entering your password I suggest you don’t use it.

  57. Really solid extension, but I’m wondering why you added the 5 minute limit on update frequency. People who want to update faster than once every five minutes are just going to auto-refresh the page. I imagine google isn’t hurting for bandwidth either, so I’m not exactly sure who is helped by the restriction. Hoping to see it gone in the next update, otherwise great!

  58. This is a great extension! Really well done!!

  59. I figured out what to do when it says “CaptchaRequired”

    Go to Google wave, log out and log back in. When you log in you should have to copy the captcha(warped text) into the text box to prove your a real person. Once you do this the message should go away.

    I hope this helps anyone who is still having this problem.

  60. Is there any way for the addon to differentiate between “Cookies Blocked” and when Wave is down for maintenance?

  61. Thank you ! :)

  62. Chad: I really want to use this add-on, however, for some reason I have to re-enter my username and password every time I shut down and re-launch Firefox 3.5.5. Do you have any idea what might be causing this and how I can get the username and password to stick? I know I’ve entered them correctly because when I refresh the warning about the username and password not being entered goes away, and I see the “Loading inbox…” message in the status bar. Any help you can provide would be must appreciated. Oh, by the way, I tried removing and re-installing the add-on, but that didn’t solve the problem. Thanks!

  63. Works fine – except: I cannot quit my Firefox on Mac OS X Snow Leopard any more !!!
    Any help ???

  64. Just install and look forward on alter from wave, thanks

  65. Yep great extension idea, very much needed on these early versions of Wave. I’m also a CaptchaRequired victim; have you made much headway on that? Looks like a few people have it.

  66. @Creistre

    None yet since I haven’t been able to get it to pop up for me. It sounds like you can get around it by visiting the Google Wave page and then hitting refresh.

  67. I have exactly the same problem as Allen (62). Every time I start Firefox it has lost my user-name and password. Once I’ve entered them in the settings dialog again everything works fine – until I quit Firefox. Next time – same game :/
    Any idea how to fix this? Apart from that the add-on works like a charm.

  68. Thanks for this.
    It works in Firefox fine.
    Can’t get the setup options box to appear to enter account details.
    Just the submit and cancel buttons appear.

    Any chance of a fix? This would open up your browser
    to all Flock users (which includes the massively popular
    30 day challenge training system from Ed Dale who promotes
    specific add-ons. Might get a whole host of new users

  69. Hey, i solved the problem with ‘Settings’ window transparency in FLOCK by using the ‘blind’ method if i could call it like that :)

    So you see only two buttons: OK and Cancel. Use right-click for setting focus on the OK button. And then by pressing TAB key, jump between OK, Cancel, and imaginary Username and Password items. So, first the focus is on OK button. After TAB it’s on Cancel, Another time TAB — it’s on username textbox – so carefully enter your username then another time TAB — your pass and then press ENTER.

    This may need some tries, but after successful data entering, choose ‘Refresh’ and if all the information is correct, you will get the pop-up ‘Updated: DD/MM/YYYY…’

  70. Hey, i solved the problem with ‘Settings’ window transparency in FLOCK by using the ‘blind’ method if i could call it like that :)

    So you see only two buttons: OK and Cancel. Use right-click for setting focus on the OK button. And then by pressing TAB key, jump between OK, Cancel, and imaginary Username and Password items. So, first the focus is on OK button. After TAB it’s on Cancel, Another time TAB — it’s on username textbox – so carefully enter your username then another time TAB — your pass and then press ENTER.

    This may need some tries, but after successful data entering, choose ‘Refresh’ and if all the information is correct, you will get the pop-up ‘Updated: DD/MM/YYYY…’

    Hope this helps you!

  71. It may be some weird browser setting I have, but when I go to Settings>>Performance Tweaks>>It says ‘Check Inbox Every 30 Minutes.’ If I change 30 to 1 minute (or any other number for that matter) it goes back to 30 whether I restart browser, do in same instance, etc. Is this a bug or some cookie setting?

  72. @Jon
    Sorry, that was a bit of a trick in the programming I forgot to explain.

    Google asked me to have the addon limit how often it updates since a lot of people use it and Google Wave is still in preview. Several people hacked the addon to have it update as often as every 5 seconds (which is a bit excessive), so it currently limits itself to a minimum of 5 minutes.

    If you try to enter something less than 5 minutes it resets to the default setting which is 30.

  73. I was getting the captcha required message – the problem was I had my full email address as the username in the login settings. Just use the first part (no at the end)

  74. Getting message “email and password missing from settings”
    It doesn’ save the login&pass that I’m entering ((

  75. Excelente! Tô usando e aproveitando muito! Facilitou pra caramba!

  76. Just reposting this, I nearly missed it and it’s a life saver:

    # 47. Mark on November 5th, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    To those having problems with CaptchaRequired…

    If your ID is, try just inputting joe (the part before the @) in your settings.

    I’d put in my full ID ( and got the CaptchaRequired error, but when I changed it to just username, it worked.

    FYI, I’m pretty sure you get that particular error because Google’s account system puts a flag on accounts that haven’t been verified as human via Captcha and it is viewing the full as separate from username and . I registered with a gmail account and also wonder if this is a part of the issue. When I try to log in with in order to pass the captcha, the password fails.

  77. How about an option to send an email when a new wave arrives? My friends are having a hard time following wave as they are not getting notifications to email in facebook style.

    In the long run if and when google wave picks up properly those are not necessary but in the mean time it would make it possible to use wava as a communications channel with those friends that have the account and be shure that they recieve the message for shure.

    Best Regards,


  78. I was also having CaptchaRequired:

    I think I was using just my gmail username (without @… anything) to login previously.
    Using the browser, I signed out of the Wave and signed in as “”.
    This gave me a captcha (note that you must re-type the password to complete the captcha).
    Then I changed the plugin’s settings to also login as “”.

    Now it works! Thanks a lot Chad for this plugin :)

  79. have two identical ubuntu installations except one in english and one in german; the english one is working fine, in the german one the add on won’t save login/password until next restart of firefox, although firefox configs are identical.



  80. Feature Request: I’d like to be able to move the icon and the counter from the status-bar (like many other firefox add-ons).
    I don’t have space on my screen to waste on a whole bar of almost nothing :)

    Thank you for what you’ve done so far.

  81. I installed the add-on, but it’s not showing up in my browser bar at all. Am I just missing something? Third party cookies are enabled.

  82. Thanks!

  83. This is working well for me so far…great job

  84. How do you connect to your local google wave server?

  85. This is great! All I can ask now is it possible to send an email to your gmail account when you get a new wave or an old wave is edited? That would be awesome! Thanks for all the great work already!

  86. Just a note.
    According to normal UI convention, three dots, i.e. “…” after a menu item indicates that a new ‘child’ window will be opened. It would probably be clearer to the user then if the refresh menu item read “Refresh” rather than “Refresh…”

  87. I thought that there would be an icon just like Gmail notifikator but nothing happend here so how do i use it?, whats the point of it.

  88. Very useful!!! I suggest a “ping” sound as alert when a bing arrive…

  89. One suggestion, along with those above: Left clicking on the wave icon takes you to Wave.

    Very useful little app though.

  90. Refresh

  91. Made you a wave icon for when refreshing, hope you can use it :)

  92. This is brill, but I just tried setting the inbox check regularity to 1 min and, rather than show me an error, it just reset silently to 30 mins…

  93. Spectacular! I am very grateful.

  94. Very nice, this addon works great for me. I keep my web browser open quite a bit, but now I don’t have to keep Wave open along with it just to see if anyone’s talking to me.
    Keep up the great work!

  95. Great job. Thanks.

  96. greetings That,

    A couple of days ago, I installed the GV Firefox add-on but I don’t see the following features outlined in the screen shot, also when I attempted to DIAL a # or send a SMS message NOTHING happen! I tried calling several friends to no avail. The calls and SMS appear to have gone through but they did not go any where.
    What do you think? I am running MS Windows 7. Thanks in advance for your support – Bob Fourcand

  97. Greetings

    My commendations for this add-on are known to all my friends and circle of influence in my Wave’s
    Since a hack has been presented that will allow WAVE to be used in Thunderbird 3
    I have been elected to ask if it would be possible to have this as an add-on for Thunderbird 3 ???

    Combining this with G-Wave, and the pop up as TB sits in teh tray or bar is an excellent concept.

    I hope that you will consider this concept.

  98. Thanks for this add-on. Very useful!
    But at first it worked fine, now it doesn’t refresh, I’m always getting the CaptchaRequired message. What does that mean?

  99. This add on is not working I get a e-mail and password missing from setting and I tried every thing Using {username}, {username}, {username}, and {username} as alternatives in the account name field… none seem to work. Im using Firefox 3.5.5 by now I’m uninstalling this extension until there’s a working version or fix this bug good luck !

  100. on macbook pro os 10.6.2 / firefox 3.5.6…installed the add on and have wave icon showing on bottom bar of browser (status bar) message reads email and password missing from settings. i’m not able fix this. please help. thankyou.

  101. On my version of Firefox, it show the numbers in white. Is there a way to make them show up in black?

  102. Hi.. Thanks for your nice addons…
    BTW, Its not showing any notification except status bar unread numbers…. I am not sure what I did wrong…? Pls advise…
    Thanks again.

  103. thank you for this add-on.
    i installed it, and it worked very well untill the last update of firefox !
    Can you do something to help me?

  104. Thanks for this – very useful. As mentioned above, a setting to allow a sound alert to be played would be great !

  105. is there something like this for gmail? gmail notifier never works for me after a first run, and i’m not allowed to have gchat open at work.

  106. Is showing a message like “CaptchaRequired”, whats the meaning of

  107. Hello!

    Looks like a great add-on; exactly what I was looking for. But it doesn’t save the settings. Did anyone encountered that problem before? Now it seems like it isn’t working. And 30 minutes refreshing time is a little to long for me…


  108. this is a great add-on,

    any chance of making the password storage optional, I want the plug-in to forget my account details once the browser is closed.

    keep up the great work!



  109. Should use google accounts cookies to login, no need to enter them into the extension.

  110. Loving this essential add-on, thanks! It appears to have stopped working within the last 24 hours though… I’m now getting the ‘Cookies Blocked’ error message. Haven’t changed or updated any setting or Firefox within the last week or so. I’m running v3.5.7 on OSX 10.6.2. Tried adding an allowance for as suggested in the 3rd party cookie list, but still no joy…

  111. Hmm… That might’ve been a false alarm… Ignore me unless I post again! Thanks!

  112. Tim,
    I am also experiencing a similar problem. Double clicking on the Status Bar icon brings up wave no problem and the “Cookies Blocked” error message disappears. However, even with the tab still open, a manual refresh brings the error message back.
    The cookie that Google is using is clearly working as I am logged in and was able to create a new wave.
    For me a complication may be that I am logged into a different Google user concurrent with the google wave add-on.

  113. FWIW, I installed firecookie to try to track down the issue and had to restart the browser. After the restart, the problem has yet to reoccur.

  114. Hey, i see you have given the addon access to google wave server using wave id and password. i was searching for something similar, can you let me know if it is possible to access the contacts, append waves, create new ones, etc. from a third party addon like this one ?
    it would be great if some one can help .

  115. CaptchaRequired Error:

    Had this error and combined two of the solutions above.

    1) Remove anything after @ on your ‘Settings’ for this Add-On
    2) Go into Google Wave. Log Out. Log Back In. It will have the ‘Captcha’ with the funky text. This should fix the problem.

  116. Is there any way to change the target when it opens google wave? I use a pretty updated version of Firefox (currently Namoroka) and I have to click “go ahead anyways” every time it loads.

    I just need to add “?nouacheck” to the end of the URL.

  117. Can you make a sound alert for it as well? I can’t get used to keep an eye on that little icon down there so some annoying beep or melody would make me notice my new waves faster, and I wouldn’t get annoying mails all the time (even if I’m in front of my PC).

    Thanks for all your work, I really love this little add-on

    PS.: I know I’m not the first asking this update, but it would mean a lot.

  118. Hey Chad, the add-on is amazing.. Great work.!

  119. Hi,

    Firstly, thanks for the plugin. Its made google’s wave actually usable for me. I hate having to go look at external stuff. Which is why I am not a big fan of things like basecamp and wave. A nice non-intrusive notify agent makes it all a bit more usable.

    Secondly, I’ve moved to using firefox nightly on the 4.x release tree with the aim of helping mozilla iron on pre-release bugs. The present weave-notify-addon has maxversion set to 3.7x . So to make it work for my install, I’ve tweaked that to 4.1 directly in the install.rdf file and have run into no issues. So you might need to consider an update soon and bump the maxversion up a bit. I dont see anything in the 3.5+ to 4.1 move that might cause issues to this addon.

  120. Hi – thx for the add-on, now I won’t have to start up Chrome any more just to get notifications as a FF user!
    As you requested, am informing you of something buggy: either your add-on or some incompatibility with it crashed my FF. After installing it and restarting FF (with all my restored tabs), I noticed it kept saying “updating”. When I clicked on it and clicked Refresh, FF crashed. Then after restarting and restoring all my tabs, it had the same thing. I tried clicking “About” and it crashed FF again! But — the third time, I decided Not to restore my last session, and clicked Refresh on it, and it worked fine, showing the number of incoming waves. So no strike three = I am not disabling this lovely add-on.. Keep it up bro

  121. This does not appear to work with Wave in Google Apps? I seems to only connect to Are you planning on adding support for that?
    Thanks Steve

  122. I’ve taken Chad’s good work on this and added Google Apps, Firefox 4 support as well as a few other tweaks. It’s now on Mozilla Add-ons:

    Thanks for releasing this Chad, and props for getting mentioned by the beautiful Alyssa Milano!


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  13. […] og der kommer lidt flere features på. Vi kan dog allerede nu anbefale thatsmiths google.wave add on til firefox. Den fungerer super fint! « […]

  14. […] è la mancanza di notifiche, ma è disponibile un estensione per Mozilla Firefox (la potete trovare QUI) che per ora risolve questo […]

  15. […] Läs mer om och ladda ner addonet här. […]

  16. […] Google Wave Notifier. Permette di ricevere notifica delle nuove wavelets create nel vostro “inbox” di Google Wave […]

  17. […] Si ya tienes Google Wave y utilizas Firefox, Google Wave Notifier es lo que estabas esperando. […]

  18. […] Smith ha realizzato ad esempio un add on per Firefox che si chiama Google Wave Notifier che vi avvisa della presenza di nuovi messaggi non letti ad un intervallo di tempo […]

  19. […] La podeís descargar desde la página del autor. […]

  20. […] GW ???????????? Google Wave Add-on for Firefox ???????????????? […]

  21. […] und weniger, wenn auch nichts ausgegangen ist, was sich ihm seit den eigenen Labs ähnelt. Google Wave Notifier zu entladen Dieser Post war original in – Blog Magazine von Technologie, Internet und Geschäfte […]

  22. […] like it! 15. GmailManager{}.xpi — Gmail accounts management and new mail notifications. 16. GoogleWaveAdd-onforFirefox{0.0.3}.xpi — Receive notification of incoming Waves. 17. Greasemonkey{0.8.20090920.2}.xpi — A User Script […]

  23. […] ?????? ?? ?????, ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ????? ? ????? Labs. ?????????? Google ???? ???????? ???? post ??? ????????? ??????????? ? – ???? […]

  24. […] último, un par de elementos para completar aún más, como una extensión para firefox que os avisará cuando haya alguna actualización en alguna de nuestras olas, o un cliente de […]

  25. […] and I wonder how and if Google Wave is going to replace Gmail. One thing I did find was this nice Firefox add-on that’s kinda similar to Gmail Manager, etc. It tells you if you’ve got new waves […]

  26. […] us at SocialGloo) and you have now got your Google Wave account you will be pleased to hear that ThatSmith have brought out an early release experimental Google Wave notifier […]

  27. […] Google Wave Notifier If you have a Google Wave account, enter your login and password in the settings and it will log you in and notify you of new wavelets in your inbox. […]

  28. […] Google Wave Notifier ist ein einfaches Add-On für den Firefox, das regelmäßig prüft ob Waves geändert worden sind […]

  29. […] É compatível com todas as versões 3.x do Firefox para praticamente todos os principais sistemas operacionais, inclusive o novo Windows 7, bem como Ubuntu e OS X. Basta instalar, adicionar os dados de sua conta e esperar as notificações de atualização das waves e blips recebidos, e só abrir o Google Wave quando algo realmente de seu interesse for recebido. Download do complemento: Wave Add-on for FireFox 0.0.3 Site oficial do produto: That Smith […]

  30. […] I regularly use a similar add-on (Gmail Manager) that notifies me about new messages in my Gmail accounts; Google Wave Notifier should be just as useful. You can find it here. […]

  31. […] y en Firefox: […]

  32. […] Oh by the way: there’s a Firefox addon to notify you when a wavelet has been added to your Waves. […]

  33. […] there is a Firefox add-on already. Google Wave Notifier 0.0.3 Add-on for Firefox is created by Chad Smith which notifies about new wavelets to Wave […]

  34. […] Google Wave Add-on for Firefox: If you have a Google Wave account, enter your login and password in the settings and it will log […]

  35. […] there is a Firefox plugin that is available. This basically alerts you to new waves and has a link to go to Google […]

  36. […] ancora non esiste una vera e propria soluzione, la prima può essere “aggirata” con questo Add-On per […]

  37. […] window. You can set it to retain your App Tabs between sessions and protect them from closing.4. Google Wave Add-on for Firefox:If you have a Google Wave account, enter your login and password in the settings and it will log […]

  38. […] Plugin Firefox, pour être au courant de la création d’une Wave […]

  39. […] Chrome, parce que gérant le Htemele5. Il existe aussi de nombreuses extensions (bot) et des add-ons firefox. Francis Pisani de Transnet essaie de déterminer dans un article l’objectif de la […]

  40. […] HannsKronenberg: Extrem praktisch: Google Wave Add-on for Firefox informiert Dich über neue eingegangene Nachrichten –LINK– […]

  41. […] den Browser Firefox und für alle Benutzer von Google Wave gibt es eine Firefox-Erweiterung für Google Wave. Diese zeigt an, ob es neue Aktivitäten gibt. Installieren, Firefox neu starten und in den […]

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    Google Wave Notifier & Google Wave Add-on for Firefox. (? ?? ? ?. ? ? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ?)…

  44. […] are not a lot of notifiers for Google WAVE available. I found one for Firefox, which is a small statusbar icon and doesn’t really attract my attention, and there’s […]

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  46. […] vond een mooi plugin voor Firefox, die een kleine icoon in de statusbalk […]

  47. […] Google Wave Add-on for Firefox at That Smith :: […]

  48. […] Google Wave Add-on for Firefox at That Smith (tags: google firefox tools googlewave software technology plugin) […]

  49. […] There is even a Firefox addon, here. […]

  50. […] ufficiale addon : ThatSmith GD Star Ratingloading…GD Star Ratingloading…Google Wave Notifier, addon per Firefox10.0101 […]

  51. […] Google Wave Add-on for Firefox at That Smith :: […]

  52. […] has been the inability for you to get a notification for new Blips on Waves.    There was the Firefox Extension for Google Wave that notifies to you of new blips or if someone edited a Wave, and also there was […]

  53. […] gli utenti Firefox hanno già un Notificatore per Google Wave, chi utilizza un browser diverso deve optare a soluzioni alternative, come Google […]

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  56. […] Firefox add-on: This Google Wave notifier works for Firefox users. […]

  57. […] Wave Notifier – so I have only recently started using Wave and have just downloaded a FF extension that does the same thing. For both you have to select how often you want it to refresh, which is surely a fundamental flaw […]

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